Whoa! Vanessa Hudgens' New Bad Girl Look (PHOTOS)

Whoa! Vanessa Hudgens' New Bad Girl Look (PHOTOS)-photo

Wow; Vanessa Hudgens is definitely leaving her High School Musical past in the dust. 

Posters for Hudgens' next film, Sucker Punch, have hit the Internet, revealing Hudgens as gun-toting (and, it seems, ironically named) bad girl Blondie in the fantasy thriller. No question, Vanessa's gunning for a new image.

Click through the photo gallery to see a whole new side of Hudgens, along with her co-stars Abbie Cornish, Emily Browning and others.



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  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    i love her,...her fans love her nd dose dat dont,.shld jst suck it up dat shes beautiful nd talented...love yew hudgens...

  • radolphber

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  • fantineahu

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  • jo

    ummmmmm this looks liek a straight to dvd movie to mee and mila kunis is 100 times hotter more beautiful and just plain better than this chick. i hate hudgens duck smile thing she does but i think she put plumper in her lips which is sad since she is 21...oh well...good think she has her disney cash and her boytoy!

  • Nameless

    She's morphing into Mila Kunis. I love how how that buttcrack that resides on her chin is photoshopped away these days.

  • annabannana56

    They look good!!!

  • Jodi

    Whoot Whoot!!! Sexy girl. I will see this movie cause Vanessa is in it.

  • Joan

    i can`t Wait¡¡¡ =D

  • Rob

    Whoa Vanessa, can she be any hotter? This movie is gonna rock.

  • aflk

    she kinda looks like michelle phan dont u think?

  • Unsure

    I can't wait for this movie. They all look incredibly hot.