Enrique Iglesias Is Ready for a Naked Ski

Enrique Iglesias is a man of his word, and the Spanish crooner says he will indeed water ski naked — a promise he said he’d fulfill if Spain won the World Cup (which they did).

Iglesias tells PEOPLE that he’s “waiting for a day off” to do his nude water sports, and in the meantime, he’s got some grooming to take care of. “I need to get my Brazilian wax before I do it,” he joked.

And despite the warning by Miami police that he will likely be arrested if he’s caught in the buff, Iglesias says he’s more concerned that “there’s sharks in the water.” Smart man … handcuffs and legal bills go away — shark bites do not.

And while we’re on the topic of Enrique and Miami, check out the video for his smash single ‘I Like It,’ featuring the Jersey Shore crew …

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