Happy Birthday, Taylor Momsen and Sandra Bullock!

Happy Birthday, Taylor Momsen and Sandra Bullock!-photo

It's a banner day in Hollywood birthdays, as Taylor Momsen and Sandra Bullock are making a wish and blowing out candles somewhere.

Bullock turns 46 today after a mighty tumultuous year. After winning an Oscar for best actress early on, Bullock's world was turned upside-down after an infidelity scandal involving her husband, Jesse James. The two have since divorced.

As for Momsen, the Gossip Girl starlet is celebrating turning 17. She's currently on tour with her band The Pretty Reckless. Last week, they released the video for their second single, 'Miss Nothing,' which you can watch below.

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  • mike

    dammmm! sandra bullock so soooo dam FINE!!!!! now she a milf!!!

  • annabannana56

    Miley sucks. And when you grow up,you are going to realize the same thing. For now you are just to stupid and young. Happy BDay to both of them.

  • jen

    Happy birthday Sandra! Taylor can go to hell though...

  • Katy

    I really like Taylor's music, but not her look. She is trying WAY too hard. && I bet every guy in that music video saw her vagina at on point. The girl needs to put on some pants. Anyways, Happy birthday to Sandra & Taylor. && I agree with you @danaa. She bashed Miley, and I will never forgive her! ha, I love Miley!

  • danaa

    aw come on!! who cares about jealous momsen?! she bashed our miley!!!

  • JahlenCoppy

    Happy Bday Sandra I hope you enjoy yourself this year and maybe make a proposal II :D

  • Ger Lyons
    Ger Lyons

    Dear Sandra Bullock, May your next year be full of the most beautiful wonderful and exquisite blessings, Full of Life and love and peace and joy and fulfillment. I have been inspired by you from the begining, no end. knowing that you exist has changed me for the better, and you continue to be quite an incredible inspiration. thank you so much sincerely and genuinely for your bravery, courage, dedication, and commitment, to goodness and for being a supreme and beautiful example to us all of a very good version of human nature. Much Love and warmest wishes and Blessings always. Ger Lyons www.gerlyons.net

  • ivony8520

    happy birthday to both of them and im rly sorry for sandra bullock and the scandal with her husband.as fr taylor shes growin up fast ...