Heidi Montag Bails on Reality Series

Heidi Montag Bails on Reality Series-photo

Is Heidi Montag actually turning down camera exposure? Yes, at least according to her would-be co-star.

Former Hills sidekick Jennifer Bunney has announced that, contrary to previous plans, Montag will not be joining her on a new reality TV series, which will begin airing in January:

“Originally I was supposed to do a reality show with Heidi, but right now it looks like some things have changed, and I don’t know if Heidi wants to be involved in reality TV at the moment with everything going on in her personal life (no we are not in a fight, and no Heidi is not 'dropping' me to do reality shows with [Playboy Playmates Kristina and Karissa Shannon])."

Perhaps Montag, who's been gunning for a legitimate big-screen career lately, regards herself as above reality TV at this point. Or she could be reserving her energy for her musical endeavors; Montag tweeted on Monday that she wrote 13 songs in one day, presumably for her next album.

Are you relieved or disappointed that Montag won't be returning to reality TV anytime soon? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • D

    I'd rather watch her pointless reality show than hear her try and sing and fail miserably at it.

  • kimmy

    agree....LA whore

  • Puddin' Taine
    Puddin' Taine

    I'd bet a million dollars she starts escorting real soon!


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