Justin Bieber Molests Fan? The Latest Web Rumor

This morning, everyone seems to be searching for “Justin Bieber Molests Fan,” thanks to a nasty combination of web rumormongering and the teen sensation innocently posting a photo showing him in handcuffs.

Bieber posted a photo from the set of CSI of himself in jail jumpsuit and handcuffs on Sunday, tweeting that he was a “bad man” and how he had “such a great day” during his first TV acting gig. Little did he know that his perp walk photo would go from TV to salacious web rumor in just minutes.

Before Bieber knew it, a Twitter rumor was born, and “Justin Bieber Molests Fan” was number one on Google Trends.

Web rumors are nothing new for Bieber. Just last month, a similar hoax was spreading around claiming the 16-year-old was converting to Scientology and was also a holocaust denier. That, much like today’s rumor du jour, was totally unfounded and untrue.

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