Robert Pattinson Has an Off Day in Malibu (PHOTOS)

Even someone as seemingly perfect as Robert Pattinson is subject to the occasional bout of moodiness.

The Twilight heartthrob, who's been hard at work filming his upcoming movie Water for Elephants, ventured out for a bit of rest and recreation on Saturday, taking in a movie with a pal in Malibu, California, before heading to a house party in Venice. But despite the festivities, R-Pattz's expression wasn't exactly gleeful.

Even with the constant onslaught of photogs: Get out there and enjoy the world, Rob! Sunshine can do wonders for a person's disposition ... even vampires. Click through the photo gallery to witness R-Pattz during a rare break in his schedule. And make sure to head over to The Forks Report for updates on all things Twilight-related.



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  • jennifer

    pffff!!!! a bad day?

  • gfsgsfgsf

    love him but paps need to give him a rest man love u rpatz!!!!!!!!

  • steph

    ah sh*t!!!!

  • Kimmy

    Poor guy. He looks exhausted. :(

  • Pamela Boure
    Pamela Boure

    Robert Pattinson fans unite start taking pictures of the paps and put them on the internet and facebook and twitter. See how the paps. like flashers going off and being all over the net.

  • melihc

    "OMG... please leave him alone, guys... be himself!!!! he is just a gentleman

  • Amy Grahm
    Amy Grahm

    AFTER SEEING A VIDEO OF THIS, AND SOME PICS OF HOW AWFUL HE WAS TREATED BY THE PAPS, AND HOW THE POLICE DID NOT EVEN HELP HIM I HAVE TO AGREE WITH KRISTEN ON THE WHOLE "PAPS RAPE" COMMENT! like he stated on today show during eclipse promotions that he cannot even go out on a date (even a friendly little thing with his agent/mom. some say it was his agent while others say it was his mom.).


    good looking and hi-tech/////////////////

  • Andrea

    It is the photographers who are to blame. Their behavior towards Mr Pattinson was truly appalling....harassment pure and simple. Sure his fans like to see photographs of him but no one deserves to be relentlessly pursued like this and certainly no one wants to see him hurt as could so easily have happened as the paps chased him down in his car.

  • ninatina

    Pap's are such douches. Let him be!!

  • annabannana56

    Leave Edward alone!!

  • lully

    [quote=Kathryn Pérusse]Wait a second... he had his hair cut!!!! good morning kathryn!!!

  • So sad!
    So sad!

    I think he needs him some Kristen!!!!!! I freaking hate paps!!!!!!

  • Kathryn Pérusse
    Kathryn Pérusse

    Wait a second... he had his hair cut!!!!

  • aforeverfan

    Rob looks so unhappy... I agree with Lee, it would be better if only pictures were taken that Rob agreed to have taken... We need new laws. We need our movie stars to be happy with their lots in life, not sad!!!

  • P Westman
    P Westman

    Why can't they just leave him alone. Yeah I enjoy pictures of him but come on guys there is point when it becomes harashment.

  • Kayleigh(:

    He loooks seriously tired :/ Poor Robert :(

  • Etoile

    Chill??? how??? He can't as much as he would like to thanks to paps, please, got to give the guy some space.

  • disgusted

    this made me so sad. how can this guy enjoy all his success if he can't even go outside. paps have no shame. take a pic and move on. i hope people get sick of him so he can get a little peace. i don't care how much money he makes, what kind of life is that? and he wasn't in a car accident...such lies. leave him alone

  • Lee

    Get out and enjoy himself and get some sunshine!!! Are you serious! He was out having a good time until he tried to get in his car and drive home and was hounding and followed and stalked by all those paparazzi who were going to follow his car all night!!! He asked them politely to stop following him because he wasn't going to let them find out where he lived. That's not too much to ask. Those ***hole paparazzi are inhuman creeps who don't deserve to be walking on the same ground as Robert. Way to go though Rob, you remained a gentleman throughout and you were so nice to that fan who came up to your car window. What a class act he is. This is why Diana is dead now. Someone has to do something about this terrible situation. There need to be tougher laws.

  • Ainhoa

    Your Keller and Taylor are real good

  • emma

    Paparazzi are scum and I hope someone gets rid of them. Scum should be wiped out. There must be laws created that can wipe them away. I can't believe no one has never gone vigilante on these scum of the earth. I guess Bjork did. :)