Spencer Pratt's New Look: Sammy Hagar Chic?

Spencer Pratt's New Look: Sammy Hagar Chic?-photo

Look out, Sammy Hagar: There's a new curly-blonde-haired-and-goateed surfer dude in the form of Spencer Pratt coming to take your throne.

The Hills alumnus, who recently attempted to crash the show's big finale dressed as an old man (and failed) was seen in Malibu this weekend toting a surfboard and looking a bit on the grizzly side. Spencer has ditched the razor with his newfound bachelorhood, but does he look better or worse?

Comment it up, and say "Yay" if you think Spencer looks better as a surfer bum, or "nay" if you think he looked better in his earlier, less scraggly days.



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  • Anon

    He looks like several people I know, all of whom have mental illness. Hopefully soon he'll get the help he needs for his paranoia and anger issues.

  • annabannana56

    Dear God..is that a monkey?

  • tigsnort

    Looks like an Ewok.

  • Apostate

    More like deranged wino chic if you ask me....

  • simplydiffer

    that's is just NASTY

  • E

    He has such horrible hair, especially facial hari. Why does he keep insisting n growing it?

  • lahe27

    Nay! I'm sorry...he looks like a homeless person. he looks like a slob. i could literally puke all over it...it kicks in my gag reflex.