The Situation Is Getting on His 'Jersey Shore' Castmates' Nerves

The Situation Is Getting on His 'Jersey Shore' Castmates' Nerves-photo

Snooki, Pauly D and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew are reportedly getting sick of The Situation that they've found themselves stuck with.

Breakout guido Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has been seriously expanding his brand during the run-up to the third season of MTV's hit reality series, branching out into writing, a clothing-line deal and even a budding rap career. But a source tells the New York Post that Sorrentino's ego is expanding just as quickly, and it's starting to annoy his reality-TV cohorts:

"The others are all aggravated by him. They can't bear his ego and that he's earning so much from deals outside the show."

All of this, the mole continues, has created a tension that's bound to come to a head during the upcoming season, with several of the castmates hoping to edge him out of the series:

"Expect fireworks, because he thinks he's invincible. Some of the cast are secretly hoping they can force him to walk out like Angelina Pivarnick did on the first season."

Gasp; drama on Jersey Shore? That sure would be a shame...

Would the show be the same without The Situation, or would the rest of the cast get by just fine without him? Share your predictions in the comments section.

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  • alex

    Stupid people do,like Americans.Thank god Europe isn't that f*cked up. Amen

  • Lo.

    The Situation is getting on MY nerves! I mean, he is so desperate for fame! Every f*cking event he attends he just shows his abs, which are in my opinion, the worst abs I've ever seen! To make things worst, he is f*cking ugly ! And I would bet my life that he thinks he's hot and everything and that he is the next big thing. Sorry, YOU ARE NOT.

  • annabannana56

    [quote=America is falling]WHHOOOOOO F*&CKING CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid people do,like Americans. Thank god Europe isn't that f*cked up.

  • Gennie

    they're juz a waste of time.

  • jen

    Aww poor them, they're all stuck with ONE moron. Yeah? well the whole world is stuck with ALL of them.

  • Barry

    America is doomed if the sheeple think this is whatever to distract from the fact the country is falling apart.!

  • Marcus

    @ America is falling: second that...he is such a tool bag. I also agree with your tag name...

  • America is falling
    America is falling

    WHHOOOOOO F*&CKING CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!