Justin Bieber Flees Squealing Mob on Segway (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Flees Squealing Mob on Segway (VIDEO)-photo

Justin Bieber made a slick (if not fairly slow) getaway after a rowdy group of screeching teen fans spotted him in an Arizona parking lot before a show. As the mass of tweens ran to get a glimpse of the mighty Biebs, the Baby crooner hopped onto a Segway and did his best to evade the Bieber Fever zombies.

The video, which claims to have been taken prior to Bieber's Glendale, Arizona show, was posted yesterday. Bieber performed at the arena on July 25 for his My World tour. Watch the entertaining yet slightly frightening video below, and then make sure to crack open The Holy Bieble for all things Bieber-related.

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  • fsfsfsdfsdf

    u girls are such bitches i would be hella pissed a bunch of girls trying to take pics of me

  • Julia Bieber
    Julia Bieber

    i wish i was there... but im pretty far away, im in sweden :o

  • yamum

    poor JB that would suck, being mobbed!

  • ashley

    hehe i was in that mob me and my best friend saw him outside of the restraunt window and jumped out of our seats and chased him down the street we were so close to him though!!!

  • Sara