Robert Pattinson Gets Broody on 'Water for Elephants' Set [PHOTOS]

Robert Pattinson did not look like he was having a good day at work on Monday. The Twilight heartthrob was all scowls as he made his way around the Los Angeles set of Water for Elephants yesterday. Was he getting in character for a particularly hear-wrenching scene? Still angry about his run-in with the paparazzi over the weekend?

Whatever the reason for his cloudy disposition, one thing's for certain: R-Pattz is still beautiful when he's angry. Click through the photo gallery to see for yourself. And make sure to hit up The Forks Report for constant updates on any and all things Twilight-related.



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  • amparito

    hola soy fan #1 de robert pattinson el es una persona super especial lo amo es lo mas hermoso

  • gorgeouskate

    yummy! i like his hair like that... he is really gorgeous and hot... :)

  • maine girl
    maine girl

    i agree, robert is a nice guy. let the young actors alone, give them ,some freedom. there shuld be laws for theses stars, to protect them. maine is also a nice place to hide out........ i really hope , the paparizzimget off hes back,, .yes we love the shorts of robert pattinson, but he needs some down time. keep up the great acting, waiting for breaking dawn. all , great in the saga movies. wishing you some happy times , rob.. maine girl.

  • Ali

    come out of the closet already You

  • closet

    come out of the closet already

  • Tina :)
    Tina :)

    he's sooo gorgeous

  • ano

    If you don't like the paparazzi who took the pictures of him. Why do you look at them at the pix? Fans are the problem.

  • sr

    When will photographers finally realize that celebs need their privacy too? This guy rarely gets a break from working and then the "picture creeps" constantly dog him. This scene could've ended like the Princess Diana tragedy. I love looking at him, but we all need to remember to back off and give people their privacy...including Rob.

  • lol

    He is beauitful! and damn right sexy when he's mad!

  • aiishaah

    I think he is really angry and kinda pissed off with the paps. But he cant do anything or scold the paps because that'll affect his reputation. He's being really patient. It's difficult fr a guy to be that patient. I'll always be supporting you. Love you Rob! =)

  • Jennie

    More like he recognized the jerks from Saturday night and was envisioning what he would really like to do to the paps. And frankly who could blame him! Rob has too much class for the paps and that irritates them so now they are resorting to trying to destroy his nice guy image because that is how the paps role. Pathetic isn't it!

  • Brittany Bolden
    Brittany Bolden

    uhh ( in my best valley girl duh voice) maybe cuz like was papped ALL day and nite yesterday. only to get papped again the next day? i'd be annoyed too. enoughs enough. the media needs to stop cuz this is not what fans want.

  • connie richardson
    connie richardson

    I think Rob looks good mad. I like his hair parted and combed like he has it. The short hair makes him look more like a man instead of a young man. He is really amazing and has a great personality to put up with what he does with the Paparizzi. He has to be a really good down to earth gentleman and just a good person in general to take this harassment daily in and out and never away from it. Rob should come to the hills in Northern Arkansas and he can hide out for days and no one ever find him. I hope things will get better for him. He really is a good person and is really loved by millions. May God bless him!

  • softballchik9

    why cant yall just leave rob alone he didnt do anything to yall yes he is twilight heartthrob i agree cause he is pretty sexy but he never touch a single strand on yall head so just leave his personal life alone!!!and get a real job not one were u ruin ppls life!!!!!

  • lori Hanson
    lori Hanson

    Is he mad because they made him take a shower?

  • Debra

    He looks miserable because the paps are taking his picture with telephoto lenses. I think the next time he is surrounded by these low-lifes, he should just keep moving, drive away. As much as he wishes.. he cannot reason with these bottom-dwellers.

  • Ruthie

    He looks broody because he is preparing for a scene. Also, could it be possible he is just sick to death of everybody following him around, taking pictures. He's gorgeous and I am the first to say he's a pleasure to look at, but, come on, he deserves his privacy. I think he has every reason to look "broody."

  • idBpissedtoo

    I'd still be angry with the paps too the way they treated him over the weekend. They got their pictures, why didn't they just leave. It seems they were trying to gode him into reacting in some way to get a story.

  • connie richardson
    connie richardson

    Rob is as beautiful inside as he is on the outside. I don't see how he can be so good with all that goes on around him. He has to have a personality that is priceless and have the patience of Job. I pray for him and I think he is the most awesome and most beautiful person that's ever been: He is truly blessed.

  • lully

    yeah he looks angry...but still tooo beautiful i hate paps too.. they are so cruel..

  • elena

    Rob is soooo hott! I love the hair to the side. He's going to be great in this movie! But I literally HATE paparazzi after the weekend they stalked Rob. Fans, if you see the video, its just Horrible!!!! I mean, just look at his face :(

  • annabannana56

    Leave Edward alone!!!

  • rondaa1

    RPattz pissed off at the Paps scowl is way sexier than his I'm trying to be angry for the scene scowl. He show use this one for his scenes. You can always use your experiences whether good or bad.

  • kami

    poor Rob, with don`t let him do his job without Papz

  • Elise

    I wish they would leave the poor guy alone and let him do his job. It has to get really, really old that you can't walk from your car to a film set without being ambushed by photographers. I am amazed at how well he is handling all of this at the young age of 24 and he has been handling since he was barely 21. He is an amazing actor, but an even more amazing person.