Experts Say Selena Gomez Needs to Be Sexier

Selena Gomez has built a thriving career on providing a wholesome, classier alternative to the racier teenage fare of the world. But according to some show-business experts, that career could be in danger if the Wizards of Waverly Place star, who turned 18 last week, doesn’t hop on the bandwagon and sex it up a little. 

Hollywood Life assembled a panel of entertainment-industry professionals to discuss Gomez’s future career prospects. The verdict? She’s in danger of becoming boring, and losing her audience’s attention, if she doesn’t spice up her image some. 

Says one feature film and TV producer, 

“Holier than thou Selena COULD have a career like Dakota Fanning’s, a sweet-looking girl who lands gritty roles and earns rave reviews for her ‘real’ performances. However, I think that because she got her start at Disney, and, relatively, a little late in the game, she may wind up being type-cast in exclusively pre-teen films. If she landed the young role that would show her to be a Reese Witherspoon-type, she could break free of cheesy movies, but I think that her squeaky-clean image won’t do anything but keep her doing irrelevant and forgettable films.”

One TV casting director concurs, adding,

“This ‘cool kid image’ Miley and Taylor are projecting is like gas on the popularity fire. I’d hang out with them!”

An unnamed director provides the dissenting view, opining that Gomez’s mature attitude projects the stability that will lead to greater career opportunities:

“There is definitely a market for the wholesome young starlet, but more than that it shows that she has a good head on her shoulders and is thus likely to take her work more seriously and understand the importance of not wasting the opportunities she has been given.”

What say you, readers? Could Selena stand a little grit on her squeaky-clean image, or is she on the right path as it is? Let us know in the comments section.

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