Is Jessica Simpson Replacing Simon Cowell on 'American Idol'?

Is Jessica Simpson Replacing Simon Cowell on 'American Idol'?-photo

Is there anyone who isn't in the running to fill the chair of resident grump Simon Cowell on American Idol next season?

TMZ reports that chicken-or-tuna girl Jessica Simpson is the latest contender to possibly step into the famously cantankerous Brit's shoes. The Dukes of Hazzard actress has reportedly had "several meetings" with the American Idol bigwigs, and according to a source there's "mutual interest" in the prospect of Simpson taking over the vacant judge's slot. Which is curious, since Simpson's last foray into music was marked by more than a misstep or two

Simpson is just the latest in a long line of names that have been mentioned as would-be replacements for Cowell, who left Idol this year in order to jump-start the American version of his hit British talent show The X Factor. Other potential candidates include Justin Timberlake, "Wicked Game" crooner Chris Isaak, Howard Stern and, possibly, the Old Spice Guy.

Do you think Simpson has what it takes to replace Cowell? Sound off in the comments section.

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  • are_you_kidding????

    Jessica Simpson as an AI judge? Really??? Why not have Snooki do the job, it would have the same outcome. Or better yet, just get Paula back!!!!!

  • annabannana56

    Please don't.

  • sry

    If she is I will never watch that show again in my life!