Shaq Serenades Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

In one of the more touching “giant guy shows affection towards tiny person” moments you’ll see this year, Shaquille O’Neal dropped into a Justin Bieber soundcheck and grabbed a mic himself in order to croon his love for the teen dream.

The 7’1″ O’Neal, who made a pit stop for Bieber’s Phoenix pre-show, has a bit of banter with the 5’4″ Bieber (so says IMDB) during his warm-up, with Biebs telling the basketball great that he’s too old to be there. Then, Shaq busts out into song, belting out: “Justin Bieber, yes I love you. I hope you like me, I’m your biggest fan.”

Touching, funny and just plain old adorable, you must watch:

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