Zac Efron's New York Night: Strippers and Vodka?

Zac Efron's New York Night: Strippers and Vodka?-photo

Zac Efron reportedly had quite the time during a promotional trip to New York City, as Page Six reports the Charlie St. Cloud star and his pals dropped more than $2,000 at a swank strip club just hours before Efron's premiere.

Page Six reports that Efron and his former High School Musical castmate Corbin Bleu enjoyed a night out Flashdancers Gentlemen's Club on Sunday night, partaking in a healthy amount of vodka and lapdances from the club's dancers. A mole says:

"Zac came in Sunday night around midnight with Corbin and one other male friend, who paid for everything ... They ordered one bottle of Belvedere vodka and were enthralled with the dancers. They were interacting a lot with the girls and reaching out and showering money on them. There were three girls who Zac and his friends particularly liked and they asked to do personal dances at their table."

Strangely enough, the spy claims that the dancers Efron and his pals were ogling "were all slim pretty brunettes, a bit like Zac's girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens."

After about three hours of strip club hijinx, Efron and his crew went on into the good night, and about 12 hours later, Zac -- with Hudgens on his arm -- walked the red carpet for the Cloud premiere in New York City.

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  • baby ruth
    baby ruth

    this is so stupid i cant believe tht they make things up like this ok the premiere wasnt in new york it was in la and the day before the premiere zac was at the mall of america not new york and he came to new york this weekend not last weekend and on the 24th wen zac flew to new york tht was the same day vanessa went to comic-con and the premiere was a week before tht

  • Annie

    I just love how people are capable of spreading such stupid and rdiculous rumour but surprisingly fails like nothing before! HAHAHA Get it straight celebuzz. O.o Vanessa wasn't even there with Zac. She was in San Diego attending Comic-con and funny enough. There wasn't even a premiere of Charlie St. Cloud in NYC. Once again GET IT THE INFO's STRAIGHT before saying bullcrap !!

  • zanessa fan
    zanessa fan

    And besides, Zac doesn't even have any friends in NYC besides corbin bleu and corbin bleu was on twitter that night at that same time answering fan questions anyways. So another implication this story is FALSE, NOT TRUE!

  • Lauren Ciranni
    Lauren Ciranni

    & its a strip cub, a meaningless guys night out. guys do it all the time, its not like he did anything wrong even if this is true haha. i say, im glad he hd a little fun ;) cause at the end of the night, we all know who he went home to :)

  • Lauren Ciranni
    Lauren Ciranni

    LMAO, too bad there WASNT EVEN A NYC PREMIERE. ***holes.

  • zanessa fan
    zanessa fan

    This is crap, not true. There wasnt even a premeire in nyc and vanessa wasnt even there afterwards. and if yall knew anything, Zac was at his hotel at that time, cause there were pictures to prove he was walking into his hotel that night. so this lies and everyone knows it

  • ZanessaLover

    Totally RUMOR !

  • really?

    Come on people, it didn't say he was touching or went home with anyone. It's a strip club, I don't think VH is that insecure to get mad over something like this, grow up people.

  • Diamond

    II knew it people always doubted me he is such a bastard and V deserves so much more I cannot believe this it's really sad to me and how Vanessa must feel if she found out he's a loser.

  • MIU

    Bastard ! : poor Vanessaa :S:S

  • annabannana56

    Naughty boy...V is going to be pissed.