Are Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Still Secretly Together?

Heidi Montag’s friends think that she is hiding a secret, and his name is Spencer Pratt.

Heidi’s pal Lauren Stone tells RadarOnline that she thinks the infamous Hills duo are still together, or at least still acting like they are.

According to Radar, Lauren visited Heidi at her new home in Malibu and found her hanging out with Spencer. The former couple’s behavior made Lauren think that they weren’t even going through a divorce.

Lauren also reports that Heidi is very secretive of her personal life as of late:

I’m actually not sure what’s going on. She didn’t really go into details about anything but the way she was acting it just seemed like she was really happy and free and just living life.

In Heidi’s defense, it is wise to keep mum about your personal life when your pals are dishing about your secrets to gossip blogs and tabloids.

Heidi and Spencer first announced their separation in May of this year. While many skeptics thought that their separation was purely for publicity, the two claimed that their breakup was real, with Heidi even filing for legal separation. Speidi first met while Heidi was filming The Hills, which Spencer eventually joined as the show’s Svengali-esque villain. The two were married in November of 2008 on an episode of The Hills but later got re-married in a legal ceremony in April of 2009.

Do you think that Heidi and Spencer are still secretly together and “broke up” for publicity? Or have the two merely reconciled since their split in May? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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