'Breaking Dawn' Screenwriter Needs Your Advice!

'Breaking Dawn' Screenwriter Needs Your Advice!-photo

Have a thought or two about how Breaking Dawn, the final installment of the Twilight Saga, should play out on the big screen? Of course you do; what loyal Twi-hard doesn't?

Well, good news—Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg wants to hear about it!

The scribe recently admitted to MTV that she's struggling with the script for the two-part Twilight finale, which begins filming in the fall. Apparently, Rosenberg feels the script is in danger of becoming cluttered, due to the number of new characters she needs to introduce:

"It's extremely challenging to introduce those new characters because you already have quite a slew of characters to service. The Cullen family is large, the wolf family is large, you have three leads ... finding room for all of them is a challenge. For me, it is about pulling forward the ones that are essential and really making sure they have a presence."

While Rosenberg hopes that all of the characters "will be there in one shape or another," she's throwing the floor—or at least her Facebook page—open to suggestions. And the screenwriter notes that she definitely takes fan input seriously:

"I ask people to really weigh in with what are their favorite scenes in the books, what's important to them. And there generally seems to be a consensus about one scene or another. It's really helpful for me and I'll interact with them sometimes."

You know what to do, Twi-hards

What are your suggestions for bringing Breaking Dawn to the big screen? Before hitting up Rosenberg, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section. And make sure to visit The Forks Report for updates on all things Twilight-related.

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  • et

    I'd like to find out exactly what vampires do at their bachelor's parties. I'd like to see Bella figuring out what to eat. Is she repulsed at all? When Bella has that wonderful plan to provide for Renesme should anything happen to her, and she disappears for chunks of time, Edward doesn't question her at all. We should know that Edward trusts her planning enough to not question her. He knows Aro would find out at their confrontation. I would also love to see more of the training and practice she gets to improve her shielding talent. ROMANCE AND SEX>>> sorry, can't help it. Rob is sooo gorgeous and such a wonderful actor. .It's like he went from a boy to a man overnight. His grownup haircut really does change his persona.

  • et

    Since Bella looks so different even she barely sees herself in her reflection, I think Charlie's reaction deserves a bit more getting used to than is relayed in the book. Maybe that could be discussed more in the movie, just a thought.

  • etatro

    Since the last part of the story is from Bella's point of view, we didn't get to see much of Edward's bonding with Renesme. He is her father after all. He would make a wonderful dad.

  • Staci Phelps
    Staci Phelps

    I think the song Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks should be used in the movie. The lyrics are so right for it and reminds me of the relationship between Bella and the baby.

  • lc

    I agree that Edward needs a stronger voice... his obsession and unyielding love for Bella has somewhat been watered down in the last 2 movies. I never thought I would be saying it but Twilight did the best job of showing his struggle with his control of his superhuman strength and his all-consuming love and desire for Bella. It was almost non-existent in both New Moon and Eclipse. Please show that it is so huge!!! It is the basis for how much Bella loves Edward and why Bella couldn't just walk away from him for Jacob. With that you will be able to show the complete satisfaction both emotionally and physically that comes with the marriage and honeymoon... which then leads to his difficulties both physically and emotionally in controlling his desire for her without hurting her, etc. and then leads to his agony with her struggle through the pregnancy and hers physically and with her love for both the child and Edward. We need to see the extremes in his emotions again like in Twilight or the whole story will feel like we are being told it, instead of living it. Then by the time of the birth, everyone both Edward/Bella fans and Jacob fans alike will be absolutely DYING as the events unfold. Then in the 2nd movie all those struggles become their immense strengths in the Volturi battle, please work from this base and the whole thing will be amazing!!

  • June Marshall
    June Marshall

    yes i agree with one of the comments i read u kind of do have a lot of time to work with and i know u will do great and cant wait to to see what a fantastic job u will do. so the things u may want to take in to consideration to expand on might be the wedding, honeymoon(maybe not so much) the pregnacy, birth of the baby and bellas transformation and gettibg to know her baby whoa! this is not as easy as it sounds to put a movie togeather

  • June Marshall
    June Marshall

    ok so may be 1 part in the movie to introduce all the extrazs is when they are waiting for the voltori to arrive u could like do a flash back on there faces with a story behind it and expand a little im sure we wont mind if its a little longer then usual. :) i was born to co direct only because i know what the people want lol,

  • Bec

    Like Rebcab1989, I have to point out that I didn't like certain scenes in Eclipse too. Bella riding off with Jacob while Edward just looked on, Bella shouting at Edward when he tried to stop her from going after Jacob, and when it was made to look like it was Bella who saved Edward's life in the fight scene. Bad enough that Edward was made to look helpless during his confrontation with the Volturi in New Moon, just so an action sequence could be slotted in. I'm tired that the movies are showcasing Edward as being weak, while Bella is portrayed as a heroine who has to save her vampire bf time and time again. Please ensure that all Edward and Bella moments in the book are not downplayed in the movie. If you are thinking of adding a little touch of comic to the movie, then read page 99 under DISTRACTIONS where Edward tries to keep Bella distracted to keep her from bringing up the topic of sex again during their honeymoon. I loved how Edward is showing off to Bella that he can go without oxygen indefinitely while she snorkeled and the fact that the porpoises disappears as soon as Edward is in the water, as if a shark was near. I'm already imagining how it would look on screen. It needn't be a lengthy scene but if done right, it could bring about much giggles and chuckles amongst the audiences.

  • Courtney

    Mine advice:Cancel the whole movie. Mine advice? Alrighty then. LOL

  • April

    To MELLISA ROSENBERG: According to the book, Bella is frail and dreadful looking. I would have her wear a wig, that shows maybe she is losing her hair, and her face should look gaunt. The birth scene has to be as nasty as the book. Gore and more gore. Blood, Blood, Blood. Explicit and detailed like the book. In fact i would call the guy who did effects on ALIEN to help you out! Good Luck! April

  • Tasneme Badawy
    Tasneme Badawy

    i think it would be better to make the movie like the book three parts so you wont miss anyparts from the honeymoon to the pregnency to the giving birth even jacob's book 2 should be breaking dawn part 2. and i think that would be the best solution for the writers and for us cause that means 2 more years of twilight wohoooooooooooooooooo

  • AshleyDW1204

    Just follow the book. Thats the best way to go. I have loved all the movies but to me only Eclipse has really followed the book the best so this time with this being the last of the series. . . Stay with the book and go out with a bang. Take your time and dont rush. Make sure it feels right. I promise if you do it will be absolutely amazing.

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    I just wanted to add... there was one scene in Eclipse I loved and the was the proposal scene.. You actually wrote that better than it was in the book.... I was pleasantly pleased. Again, don't take away from Edward in Breaking Dawn...it's not the Jacob show. Edward is Bella's world. Jacob's part in this only has a few key scenes that are good the rest is boring. Yeah,..he shldnt really be bout Jacob,...nd its also bout bella being d hero,..

  • rebcab1989

    Please be true to all of the sex scenes even those in the cottage not just on esme island. Be true to the birth scene and all of it's gore. Otherise the movie could be boring. be true to Edward and give him his heroic momments (unlike what you did in Eclipse). I don't care if it's rated R or not... I will go to see it several times if it's good. there is at least 4 hours here...why not make each movie 2 1/2 hours and be true to the book. Make the fans happy.

  • rebcab1989

    I just wanted to add... there was one scene in Eclipse I loved and the was the proposal scene.. You actually wrote that better than it was in the book.... I was pleasantly pleased. Again, don't take away from Edward in Breaking Dawn...it's not the Jacob show. Edward is Bella's world. Jacob's part in this only has a few key scenes that are good the rest is boring.

  • rebcab1989

    PLEASE DON'T emasculate Edward again!!! Melissa what you did to his character in Eclipse was shameful. He took away all of his key scenes and gave him on ly a couple good ones so that you can show off Jacobs abs, giving Jacob all the best joke lines. Bella was not as strong of a character in the book your portrayal of her in the movie just took away from the whole love vibe between the characters. Jaocb is not the star... Edward and Bella are. Jacob in Breaking Dawn spends most of his time complaining, whining and being rude. I suggest you don't play that down. Fans are getting fed up with your partiality to Taylor. Jacob and Bella should have never driven off in front of Edward at that school in Eclipse. It was humiliating to even watch your favorite character eat crow when it wasn't that way in the book. Outside the Tent scene when Bella realized Jacob knows they are engaged... she loses it emotinally but clearly Edward is the hero and runs back to find jacob for her... he doesn't just stand there looking at her as she yells at him. And where was the emotion when she betrayed Edward ... Bella was like...it was no big deal. It was too unbelievable to imagine it would happen that way. no woman after betraying her man would be so calm. Give Rob a break and give him some heroic momments please.. you even changed the ending of Eclipse to act like Bella saved the day and not Edward... helllloooo... Edward didn't need bella's help, she almost ruined it by her 3rd wife stunt. but you of course had to again emasculate Edward and take his momment away. Clearly you have issues that need to be looked by another person who is less partial to Taylor and his abs. No cares about the damn abs. We care about the story being true to the book. What I am saying please don't make this the Taylor show. Edward and Bella are the main characters. We all know Jacob is upset and he imprints on Renesemee but really... you have lost the love connection with Edward and Bella in Eclipse because of your script writing. And I mean that with all due respect because I thought you did a fantastic job with Twilight and New Moon but you totally ruined my favorite book... Eclipse. Sorry. again with all due respect. Key scenes: telling charlie they are getting married, More alice on planning the wedding showing bella the dress, (you robbed alice of her best scenes in Eclipse and many people were pissed off about that too.) Edward and Bella getting married. Jacob Showing up to the wedding and making a scene about bella having sex with Edward. The entire honeymoon should be as it was in the book. We don't you need to make it look real. Fans have been waiting since 2008 for that scene to come alive. Edward speaking to Renesemee for the first time while she was still in moms womb. Edward delivering the baby..key..DONT FOCUS ON JACOB like you said in an interview... I tell you fans will be FURIOUS!!!!!!!! A good point to end the first part would be just as Jacob comes down stairs after he think bella dies..and was going to kill the baby when he then sees her, imprints on her and then he could here Bellas heart beat and boom end of part one. start part 2 with Bellas transformation and maybe include Edward talking to Carlisle about Jacob and Rosalie fighting about the baby.. Bella could be listening while speaking to herself about the fire burning in her and the pain she is suffering and how she doesn't want edward to know she is in pain. You have to bring across her true love for Edward and the deep commitment they have for one another. I want to see her kick Jacobs Behind when she finds out about the imprinting. Or at least tries to. I want to see Edward painted in a great light in this movie as a hero not a sucker like you did in eclipse. Of course in the end bella does save the day as does Alice ...please don't take away from Alice again. You need to keep most of the main vampires who come to stay with the cullens as their witnesses... there are a couple in the book who aren't as pronounced. But all with the special powers must be in it as well as Alistair because he is the one who identifies Bella's gift. My final word is please do not focus on the actors but on their characters. Who cares about Jacobs Abs. Besides in the looks department he doesn't hold a candle to Edward...remember? In Breaking Dawn Bella has put all of her feelings of love for Jacob behind her and has 100% devoted to Edward again. Let's make sure it stays that way please.

  • Ines Mk
    Ines Mk

    Mine advice:Cancel the whole movie. geez whats your problem? why do you want the movie cancelled??!!! EVRYBODY WANTS TO SEE IT!!

  • Ines Mk
    Ines Mk

    Mine advice:Cancel the whole movie. geez whats your problem? why do you want the movie cancelled??!!! EVRYBODY WANTS TO SEE IT!!

  • Andrea

    The least interesting relationship in my opinion was the Leah - Jacob relationship. I wouldn't mind if that was seriously downplayed.

  • Andrea

    Hi, Melissa. first off, you do an amazing job! I hope there's more emphasis on Edward and that he is treated with more dignity in the last two films. (I hadn't realized that Bella was so split between the guys when reading Eclipse and was quite upset when Bella rode off on Jacob's bike while Edward just stood there. In New Moon, I was upset that Edward appeared rather like a rag doll when fighting the Volturi. He needs to appear ... stronger in my opinion.) I also hope you include Edward's line to Jacob when he calls him his brother, his son. at the moment they think the huge fight will start, but likewise have jacob nudge Edward to show that he loves Edward. Jacob expressed a gesture on pgs. 661, 749 when he affectionately "punches" Edward in the shoulder. At some point he also calls him by his name, but a loving nudge or something might even work at the confrontation. Peace between them would make me happy.

  • Dee

    The wedding,and DEFF the HONEY MOON>... bellas transformation while she is drugged..... The birth... Edwards connection when hearing renesmee... INtroduction of new caracters.... The meeting with volturi... Renesmee's development... Edward and Bellas stone cottage... Jocobs imprinting.... Bella as a vampire.... Edward and Bella as One.... Bellas powers.....

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    really wana c Bella shoutin @ Jacob 4 imprintin on her baby,...Bella nd Edward 2geda alone in dier ouse,..umm jacob pickin on Rosalie...dier weddin ofcourse ,..honeymoon plssssss..aw dey told Charlie dat dey re gettin married.da end fightn 4 dier baby,..d birth scene very relevant,...

  • Denise Reis
    Denise Reis

    the 1st installment should start off with the wedding and majorly focus on Edward through out both films, make sure to include the fact that he can hear renesmee inside of bella. The birth scene...verry important, and second movie should focus alot on renesmee, how she grows and develops, Jocobs imprinting....OMG is going to brilliant...

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    wow i like that shes asking the fans! i rlly think thats what makes a person...admitting that they cant do it all on their own. anyways seriously a good way for the screen write is to read the book and go off that. because this movie is supposed to be based on the book! so good luck and please try and make it good and not some lame movie. PLEASE i agree,..d movie shld b based on the book..

  • marianami

    i really think asking the fans opinions is a great idea, because we are the ones who are going to see and like/dislike the movie. we, who like, love the saga books have a certain idea in our heads of how should the movie develop. i think the movie should include the nightmare bella has with the volturi and the imortal child and the time she spends with Edward the night before the weding when jasper and emmet come to take him hunting. in the weding one of my favorite parts was the dance between bella and jacob and the moment he almost atacks Edward (make that scene really intense, i want to feel jacob's anger while seeing the movie). the esme isle scenes (of course) all the scenes, everything. then you have to find a way of showing what's happenning in the pack without having all these wolfs shouting by thought. you really have to show what's happening there. the birth scene, of course the most gory you can. that's the blood and gutes that make this scene so exciting, Rosalie almost attacking bella and jacob saving her, edward trasnforming her, this scene is what makes the first part of the book (which in terms of action is a little poor in this amazing creation) after that, for me, the most important thing is to show how controled bella is, how she resists human blood, the hunting, when she sees jacob, and herself, and renesmee, and how jasper doesn't understand anything. (jacob jokes about rosalie and emmet ones about Edward and bella sex life have to be in the movie) and then alice and jasper dissapearing , all the new vampires( PLEASE, PLEASE, DON'T TAKE ANYONE OUT, I LOVE ALL OF THEM, AND WE NEED NUMBER, that was the only way to stop the volturi) and all the volturi army( i wished jane talked a little more, she is such a great caracter). and finally the final scene with Bella and Edward...the saga must end with a romantic scene between then. well, i wished everything the in book could be in the movie, but i think this is what, for me, really has to be there. (TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!)

  • annabannana56

    Mine advice:Cancel the whole movie.

  • mel ,ausie
    mel ,ausie

    like the above coments you have room to fit in most of the characters and stick to the story line, i would really love to see the scene where bella and emmet have an arm ressel that part is awesome and another part you have to have to put in is the part where she goes off at jacob for imprinting on Renesmee that part is my fav basicly you need to be true to the book if you want the last two movies to be a hits like the first three were.otherwise you will have alot of disapointed fans.

  • maybrc

    Melissa, if by chance you read these comments, just remember that since the final saga will be split into two separate movies, you have room to work. It will be cluttered because as you have said, there are many more characters to introduce and much more going on. But, I truly think that will work since you effectively have four hours or so to deal with rather than two hours. I have read the books a couple of times and what I hope to see in the movie is a very close interpretation of Bella's changing, the bond between her, the baby, Jacob and Edward, of course. I also remember the Volturi storyline being very important. Finally, though I am not a screenwriter, I remember thinking when I read Breaking Dawn that it would be easier than the others to make a movie from, provided there would be ample time (an epic move or in this case, two parts). I felt this way because many of the major factors in the saga have been covered in the previous books/movies. The only major part that will need some hefty explaining would be the Renesmee aspect and what she is... I am sure you will do a fantastic job...it will come to you. Read the book one more time and as you do, read aloud and picture the characters one the big screen. Well, this does not help much I realize, but I do wish you luck.

  • Neveah

    Edward needs a bigger voice, he is becoming a husband, and a father, and at the same time he thinks he is killing the person he loves the most. I also really loved the Zafrina scenes, where she is helping bella expand her powers using kate zapping Edward as a motivation. The Jason Jenks scenes, with Bella coming up with an escape route for Renesmee because she doesnt know if her family will make it out alive, but she will make sure her daughter does.

  • Tina

    I think the part in the book when Edward "hears" the baby's thoughts for the first time is very touching...

  • loveeeee


  • Kelly

    Obviously the two scenes which weighed heaviest in the books were the birth scene and the scenes at the end (with the potential of doom and destruction at the hands of the vulturi ). I do think using Jacob's POV will make for a slightly more bloody scene. However, we are talking about vampires here, so you can't really avoid all the blood in the scene. That scene is easily hands down, the most bloody in the books. Bella (as a human) needs to be served here, honored as a character. She is unavoidably and purposfully dying for this child. Not only is she dying, but she is withstanding a terrible amount of agony. Another thing that is not mentioned much (from what I have read) is the scene during Bella's transformation. She is drugged prior to the venum being administered. She is so heavily drugged that she cannot move (and from outward appearences is peacefully changing into a vampire) however her inner struggle is terrible and incredibly painful. Yet her will power is amazing. Her stillness concerns Edward, but Carlisle thinks she is pain free, and he sees this as a triumph (since he does not wish pain on anyone). It is the events of Bella's birthing of her daughter and her agonized and paralyzed change that give rise to this completely controlled newborn vampire, who is unlike anything they have seen. Essentially those struggles just prior to her change, shape who she becomes as an immortal.

  • Millie

    I would emphasize the story telling when you introduce the new characters at the wedding reception at the cullen's house. When i read the book, I had to go back and re-read the new character stories to get clarity on who they were. Especially the sister who betrayed them. That will be tough when you are splitting the movie in 2 parts. Really build on Jacobs relationship with Renesmee as protector. I would like to see edward and bell really enjoy their time together as one. Oh and bell's new found powers! That's the allure of vampires movies, to be beautiful and immortal.

  • Isabella

    It would be nice 2 focus on Renesmee and how she is changing rapidly through a short period of time. I would also like for them 2 focus on when Renesmee first talks and walks that would be cute.

  • Brianna

    wow i like that shes asking the fans! i rlly think thats what makes a person...admitting that they cant do it all on their own. anyways seriously a good way for the screen write is to read the book and go off that. because this movie is supposed to be based on the book! so good luck and please try and make it good and not some lame movie. PLEASE