Justin Bieber and Shaq Deliver a Major TCAs Spoiler (VIDEO)

How awesome is Justin Bieber? He’s apparently capable of winning awards before the awards ceremony even begins.

Though the Teen Choice Awards don’t occur until August 8 (they’ll be televised the following night at 8 p.m. on Fox), NBA great Shaquille O’Neal hopped on stage during the “Baby” singer’s July 25 concert in Glendale, Arizona, to bestow the 16-year-old with four surfboard trophies. If Shaq is to be believed—and we’re sure not going to question him—Bieber won honors for Choice Music: Breakout Artist—Male; Choice Music: Male Artist; Choice Summer Music Star: Male; and Choice Music: Pop Album. He also gave Justin a pre-show serenade for good measure.

Apparently, however, the two forgot that we live in an age where there are cell-phone cameras everywhere and, thus, it was pretty much guaranteed that the reveal would prematurely end up on the Internet.

It’s believed that Bieber was given the awards beforehand because he won’t be able to attend the ceremony due to his hectic schedule. We just hope that the Biebs’ competitors in those categories—who include Nick Jonas & the Administration, Adam Lambert and Eminem—at least try to look surprised when the show takes place.

Unless this is all an elaborate hoax of some kind? Feel free to offer your own theories in the comments section after checking out video of Bieber getting what’s coming to him below:

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