Lady Gaga Pressed to Boycott Arizona

Lady Gaga Pressed to Boycott Arizona-photo

Lady Gaga is being called out via an online petition by a gay rights group in Arizona to boycott the state thanks to its controversial new immigration law, known as SB 1070. Gaga is scheduled to perform in Phoenix on 7/31, and while there's been back-and-forth on what exactly the petition is asking her to do, it is certainly throwing the Fame Monster into the mix.

The act, which was scheduled to go into effect today, has been the target of much criticism because opponents see it as unjustified racial profiling. Democracy in Action, the site behind the petition, puts it a bit more bluntly, saying it's now "a crime to be brown" and is siding with minorities because they "know what it is to have to fight for our full human dignity to be affirmed."

Kanye West, Rage Against the Machine, and Hall and Oates have already canceled their shows in Arizona. Gaga has yet to respond to the petition, and as of now hasn't changed her schedule.

Here's the full letter: 

Lady Gaga,

Please be a lady FOR our community.

The state of Arizona is EXTRA right now. A wave of laws like sb 1070 is making it a crime to be brown and putting whole communities at risk.

Both migrant and LGBTQ communities know what it is to have to fight for our full human dignity to be affirmed. You have the opportunity to play a special role in that fight in Arizona.

Communities have called for a boycott of the state to make it happen. As an icon and beloved artist, please join us in boycotting Arizona and turn your trip into an opportunity to meet your little monsters in the Migrant LGBTQ.munity so that you can speak out against the hateful laws and be a champion for this human rights cause.

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  • @!#^#

    The cops will have no reasons to pull someone over, etc and ask for papers unless they have a REASON. If they wrongly try to accuse you, if they have no reason to confront you, then get THEM in trouble. The law is just stating that they can ask for papers if they have a reason to believe or if you break the law. Chill out. It's not our fault that some illegal people like to come over and not get legalized. So stop acting ignorant and oblivious as to why this is happening. It's not our fault.

  • abcd

    This whole boycotting thing is getting ridiculous. On the day that the law was supposed to get put into "play." so many people were out on strike that a ton of buses were shut down. Thanks for only thinking of yourself people. A lot of people couldn't get to work, etc. There are better ways to go about this than make fools of yourselves.

  • joseph

    Arizona sucks!

  • SHE'S NOT BOYCOTTING AZ BECAUSE SHE IS LIKE ALL POP ARTIST, A GREEDY COWARD!!! Remeber when Beyonce performed for Gaddafi's son? Its all about money. She says she's for gay and human rights, but is never proactive about it! Kanye is right, now it is a crime to be brown! A Puerto Rican man who was speaking Spanish to a friend(but speaks perfect English) was pulled over and asked for his green card, and anyone with a brain knows that anyone born in Puerto Rico doesn't need a green card. They thought becuase he was Hispanic and spoke Spanish that made him illegal. The law is discrimitive, any one who is "suspected of being an immigrant" gets pulled over. There is such a thing as White immigrants, but will they get pulled over? NO! Its racial profiling and it needs to stop! But because she's not a brown person, its not her problem,right? Like a said before...coward. BUt I still love her as an artist, just not as a person.

  • me

    ughh i dont care she is just performing here no big deal its her first time coming to az so yea dont stick your nose.

  • desertsun

    Yeah did you notice that Elton John also played in South Africa during the apartheid, when many were boycotting South Africa; did you notice Elton John, who is a native Englander would attack people who were citizens (the musicians) of the U.S. and have a right to free speech! did you notice that Elton John's native country still treat and have control over parts of Ireland! and to Crystal, I speak English perfectly well, but I also speak Spanish perfectly well! There is nothing wrong with learning different languages, I often volunteer and give to organizations and don't mind that it goes to children's education, you are making strong accusations that all the children are illegal! that's discrimination!

  • Crystal

    The people that live in Arizona are the only people that should have any say about this law! My son goes to an English as a second language school-in the middle of Colorado because the bulk of the kids in my community are illegal and speak no English. The schools bend over backwards for them. They are given free school supplies and free breakfast and lunch not just for the kids but all the children in the family and through most of the summer as well. But it's not free to us because we're paying for it with our taxes and I for one am tired of it.

  • AZ Resident
    AZ Resident

    Did you notice that Elton John played to a sold out concert in Tucson and blasted those "artists" opposing SB1070 while referencing the lack of legitimization for gays in California and elsewhere? Yet, here's a gay group denouncing our new law. How about these "artist" boycott California until they recognize gays? The word hypocrite comes to mind.