Meet Deena Nicole, the Newest 'Jersey Shore' Guidette (PHOTOS)

Meet Deena Nicole, the Newest 'Jersey Shore' Guidette (PHOTOS)-photo

Are you ready to meet the newest booze-guzzling gal to hit the Jersey Shore? Introducing Deena Nicole, a New Jersey native and the newest addition to the cast of the hit MTV show, Jersey Shore.

Deena is allegedly BFFs with Snooki and hails from New Egypt, New Jersey. A slew of  collected screenshots from her now defunct Myspace profile, showing Deena in full party mode, is a good sign that the 23-year-old will fit right in with her new pals.

Deena's profile is covered with flashing pink and white blingees, revealing photos, and various slogans. One slogan reads that Deena is "f***ing classy," a "bad ass brunette," and that she is "addictive & expensiv3 lik3 cocaine." Another slogan, above a picture of her chugging some sort of unidentifiable liquid, claims that Deena is "so much more then your [sic] used to."

In her "About Me" section, Deena writes that her nickname is Dee and gives us a glimpse into how she will behave on camera in a house full of fist-pumping drama ([sic] throughout, obviously):

The past 2 yrs threw me alot of curve balls but every situation I've been thru helped me realize who I need and want in my life [...] I'm a veryy fun person when you get to know me..But if I don't enjoy'll know it..I'm not a fake person...theres no time for fake smiles..I'll just give you the cold shoulder..And if I feel like someones TRYING to step on my toess I'll trip you mother fvckers real fast..I speak whats on my mind and usually don't think before I say sometimes it gets me in trouble.

Sounds like she'll fit right in!

Deena has already stirred up her fair share of controversy: Shortly after she was announced as the newest addition to Jersey Shore, an old MySpace video of her calling out enemies as "n***as" surfaced on TMZ and forced her to close down her account.

Sadly, Deena will reportedly not be featured in the new Jersey Shore season that is premiering tonight. Deena will appear on the upcoming season three that is currently filming in Seaside Heights and was the subject of a cast strike earlier this month. (Deena reportedly replaced Angelina, who is once again no longer appearing on the show.)

Click here for more pictures of Deena's MySpace.

Are you excited for Deena to appear alongside your favorite guidos? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • andrea

    i love that show jersey shore its so funny to watch

  • aussieboy

    americans are f*cking stupid if you watch this crap your stupid. im glad southpark dissed that silly show.

  • cindyc2516

    she is ugly and need to gt off the show bfore she ruins it snookie is the one and only and it's gonna f*** up the show....

  • monika

    i think they should get rid of sammi and the new girl and just leave it with snooki and jwoww!!

  • CRIZ

    oh typical white trash - she deff doesn't look 23 flippin' nasty .

  • nicole

    jersey shore is were its @!!! love always: Nicole tourangeau

  • Chelsea

    shes not even pretty jersey shore doesnt need another person

  • chelsea

    she seems cool but she will never be snookie, snookie will always be the best of the girls from the show

  • Equal Opportunist
    Equal Opportunist

    NEWSFLASH babycakes, your comment is totally racist, ignorant,and typical. What makes you think "these white girls" are prejudiced (please remember to conjugate) against any minorities? Because they're white? And got bad tans? THAT'S racist. I agree, the orange tan is ugly, but for YOU to make it racial (of course, painting it at THEIR expense) speaks volumes. And you feeling things are YOURS versus OURS, that makes the divide even wider. Congrats, babycakes, you are exactly what you criticize, which in itself is TYPICAL!

  • babycakes92507

    she looks like a transvestite oompa loopa with that fake ass orange tan. i don't know why these white girls who are so predjuce against any minority of color be it black or mexican want to tan their skin so that they don't look white. I think it dumb. Hell, be proud of who you are and don't try to take another thing from US.( i'm talking about your dark skin)

  • booboo

    shes ugly