Miley Cyrus Breast Implant Rumors Called ‘Absurd’

Rumors popped up this week suggesting teen superstar Miley Cyrus is vying for breast implants at the tender age of 17, but just as fast as the rumor mill started, a strong denial is here to counter the claim.


InTouch Weekly first claimed that the “Can’t Be Tamed” chanteuse wanted to get breast implants before her 18th birthday. According to an unnamed source, Miley “wants curves” and she doesn’t want to wait for papa Billy Ray Cyrus to give her permission to increase her bust.

However, Gossip Cop reports that a source close to Cyrus denied the rumors. From Gossip Cop:

It’s absurd. Miley has never even considered it. She’s always been very comfortable in her own skin.

Considering that Miley has really been shedding her clothes lately, it isn’t surprising that she is comfortable with her current body.

Do you think Miley will eventually get breast implants or are these rumors just the work of a tabloid doing tabloidy things? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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