The New, Extended ‘Thor’ Trailer Is Here (VIDEO)

A new, extended trailer for Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming comic-book adaptation Thor (in theaters May 6, 2011) made its debut at the Comic-Con convention last week, giving the movie-going population a pretty good idea of how Star Trek beefcake Chris Hemsworth will be handling the title role of the Thunder God.

The trailer manages to fill in a big chunk of the hammer-wielding hero’s origin story, chronicling his exile from the kingdom of Asgard following a battle with his father Odin (portrayed by Anthony Hopkins). Viewers are also treated to a hair-raising sequence of Hemsworth beating the tar out of a gang of special-forces agents with superhuman force.

Sadly, the trailer is a bit deficient when it comes to footage of Hemsworth in his Thor costume, but that’s one reason to look forward to the next trailer, we suppose.

Check out the trailer in the video below:

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