Zac Efron Explains Stripper Shenanigans on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ (VIDEO)

Zac Efron boldly went where few stars of his age or genre would on Wednesday, admitting on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he did indeed partake in a few quality hours at a New York City strip club.

In a Page Six report that had our commenters in a tizzy on Wednesday, Efron reportedly dropped $2,000 on strippers and vodka with his High School Musical pal Corbin Bleu. Kimmel’s first question was about the report, and Efron calmly and confidently copped to his Flashdancer’s escapade. After a “yes, yes I was” answer to Kimmel’s inquisition about whether he actually was there, Efron joked about his preconceived notion of what a strip club would be like.

I had this image of what it would be like… I’ve heard a lot about these places, mostly from rap music. They’re supposed to be beautiful. I envisioned myself on a couch with stunner shades and T-Pain and Usher, and it just wasn’t like that. Those guys weren’t there.

Efron then joked that he didn’t spend $2,000 as reported, kidding that it was actually $6,000. He then continued to say that the most challenging part of his night out was letting girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens know what he was up to.

The hardest part is calling your girlfriend before. It’s like, how do you even start that conversation?

Ultimately though, Hudgens trusted Zac and, according to Efron, “was fine with it.”

Kimmel and Efron then got down to business, talking about his new movie, Charlie St. Cloud, which opens this weekend. Watch a little Cloud feature, why don’t ya?

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