Chelsea Handler Caught in Selena Gomez Twitter Lie (VIDEO)

Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler has come out as a firm supporter of rising Disney star Selena Gomez. But does the late-night hostess really believe in the power of Selena or is she just joking around?

During a roundtable discussion of Amanda Bynes’ “un-retirement” from acting, Chelsea mentioned that antics from stars like Amanda are why she chooses to follow the classy Selena:

This is why I only follow Selena Gomez on Twitter. She’s [unintelligible] and her name is Selena and I’ve been longing for another Selena to come into my life.

Could this mean that Chelsea is Team Selena? Well, probably not since Chelsea doesn’t follow the Ramona and Beezus actress on either of her two Twitter accounts. Oops!

Do you think Chelsea should start following Selena on Twitter? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Watch the video of Chelsea voicing her support of Selena below (apologies for the poor quality).