'Jersey Shore' Girls Get Pedicure With New Castmate (PHOTOS)

The Jersey Shore gals are at it again and this time they have a special new friend along for the ride.

Snooki, J-WoWW, and the show's newest cast member, Deena Nicole Cortese all went out for pedicures while they were filming scenes for the third season of their show in Seaside Heights. While Deena and J-WoWW wore flip flops for their pedicure, Snooki, who has always done things a little differently, decided to wear mismatched socks and fuzzy green slippers to the nail salon.

Is Snooki's footwear salon appropriate? What do you think of the the (tiny) new cast mate? Click here for more photos and check out all of our paparazzi snaps over at Paparazzi-Razzi.



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  • jewels

    she is fat!!! she is not FAT really?? So the girl doesn't have wash board abs like the situation just has a lil extra jelly easily lost....

  • yayaha

    she looka like a man...

  • SB

    What is wrong with her eye? Weird pic.

  • SB

    What is wrong with her eye? Weird looking pic.

  • caitlin

    i love you deena! so proud!

  • yooo!

    so does that mean the others wont be part of it??!!!!

  • colleen fehlhaber
    colleen fehlhaber

    i love my girl deena! we miss you girlies!!

  • Lia

    Jwow looks like a GIANT compared 2 those two hahaha omg

  • Sophie

    A nice, plump piece of KFC. Blacks will love it.

  • annabannana56