Kara DioGuardi Out, J-Lo Possibly In at ‘Idol’

In what will likely go down as the most tumultuous 24 hours in American Idol history, judge Kara DioGuardi left the show — apparently unwillingly — just hours after Ellen DeGeneres decided to quit the judging panel. In other bombshell news, the FOX juggernaut has already found at least one replacement judge: Jennifer Lopez.

TMZ reports that DioGuardi was fired from the show in the wake of Ellen’s unexpected departure.

With Kara and Ellen gone, the lone judge at this point remains Idol stalwart Randy Jackson. Reports say the show plans on going back to a three-judge panel (with the addition of DioGuardi, they were at four), and if/when Lopez comes on there will still be one vacant seat.

New reports say Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler will be that third and final judge. Tyler’s name was thrown into the mix just in the last few days, as much speculation had been around other music icons like Bret Michaels, Diddy and Janet Jackson in weeks past.

Will J-Lo work as a judge? Let us know in the comments, and below, a goodbye remembrance of Kara’s infamous Bikini Girl moment!

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