Sandra Bullock Wants Out of Gulf Spill PSA (VIDEO)

Let it be known: Sandra Bullock will not be a pawn for Big Oil.

The Blind Side actress recently participated in the star-studded “Be the One” public-service announcement calling for action on the oil spill currently ravaging the Gulf Coast, but is now requesting that she be removed from the ad, after hearing reports that the organization that produced it has financial ties to the oil industry.

According to Bullock’s publicist, the actress is upset that Women of the Storm’s Restore the Gulf campaign, which put the video together, is sponsored by America’s Wetland Foundation, which according to DeSmogBlog has accepted donations from several oil companies, including BP.

Says Bullock spokesperson Cheryl Maisel,

“Ms. Bullock was originally contacted through her attorney to be a part of the PSA in order to promote awareness of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. At no time was she made aware that any organization, oil company or otherwise had influence over Women of the Storm or its message.”

Other entertainers in the ad include musicians Lenny Kravitz and Dave Matthews, and actor John Goodman.

Women of the Storm founder Anne Milling denies Bullock’s allegations, countering,

“I was shocked and of course very disappointed. However, I do believe that once Ms. Bullock hears and listens to the facts and understands that Women of the Storm has had no connection or taken money from oil companies, I think that will allay her fears and I believe she will rejoin our video because she really believes in coastal restoration. She is committed to that.”

Check out the “Be the One” PSA below:

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