The Weekend’s Movie Star Recap: ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ and ‘Dinner for Schmucks’

Charlie St. Cloud and Dinner for Schmucks are coming to theaters nationwide this weekend, but before you run to the nearest cineplex with $16 in hand, wait in a ridiculously long line for an already sold-out show or even (fake) butter your popcorn, you might want to check out what some of the actors in these movies are up to in real life.

Zac Efron reportedly spent $2,000 on strippers with his High School Musical co-star Corbin Bleu while celebrating the release of Charlie St. Cloud. And for you Zac fans, here’s a cool behind-the-scenes look at how Zac and co. shot some of the more dangerous scenes for their new movie.

Steve Carrell has been completing his transformation from TV star to Hollywood’s main man by relentlessly filming movies while on hiatus from NBC’s The Office, a show that he’s announced he’s done with after next season. The Emmy award-winning actor is hot off the success of Despicable Me, and, with any luck, Dinner for Schmucks’ release will give him two movies in the top ten worldwide at the same time. RIP Michael Scott.

The Other Guys and Step Up 3D come out next Friday. What sort of embarrassing situation will get those movies and their stars in the news? Leave your guesses in the comments section!