Ke$ha Does Interviews in the Nude

Pop star Ke$ha is known for doing things a little differently than your average singer, but who knew that she was up for giving nude interviews with magazines?

The “Your Love Is My Drug” songstress spilled to Paper magazine (via LimeLife) that she was doing their phone interview in the buff:

I’m lying in bed naked.

Good to know! With a blunt attitude like that it is no wonder that the 23-year-old Los Angeles native has such a good sense of humor about herself:

I’m writing songs about brushing my teeth with Jack Daniels … I don’t take myself very seriously. I don’t think I should or could.

As long as she puts on a pair of pasties or something when she does in-person interviews … the world is your naked oyster, Ke$ha.

Is chatting on the phone in the buff weird? Comment it up if you’re pro or anti.

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