Charlie Sheen Sentenced to Jail, Plea Deal Sets Him Free

Even though a judge today sentenced actor Charlie Sheen to 30 days in jail, he won’t have to serve hard time in the slammer for his conviction on domestic violence charges. That’s because the Two and a Half Men star’s lawyer managed to win him a favorable plea deal that reduces his time behind bars to almost nil.

How did this all go down? Easy. Time served. Sheen’s sentence — stemming from a Christmas Day 2009 altercation with wife Brooke Mueller — will be wiped away because the actor spent over a month this summer at Promises rehab clinic in Malibu. The judge ruled his sentence could be “administered and executed” there — meaning his stint in rehab could serve as part of the sentence.

Fittingly, the other part of his deal, 36 hours of anger management, has also already been completed.

In short, when Sheen turns himself in on Aug. 23rd, he will immediately be eligible to leave.

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