How Angelina Jolie Allegedly Seduced Brad Pitt

A new, unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie has just hit the shelves and it is dishing many dirty details about the star’s purported private life, including her bouts of self-harm and her alleged love for attached men.

Celebrity biographer Andrew Morton has penned Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, and in it he claims that Angie allegedly hired a hit man to kill herself during a severe bout of depression, had problems with self-harm, and had a thing for married men.

For being one of the most enchanting women in the world, Morton claims Angie has a very odd seduction technique, particularly when it came to Brad Pitt:

It’s kind of playing happy family. He’s a great caregiver, this Brad Pitt. He calls himself Mr. Mom. So here’s Maddox, this cute little kid, playing around and it draws somebody in. And in all fairness, friends of Angelina all said it was Brad that made the running in that relationship.

Morton has become famous for making controversial, unauthorized biographies of celebrities including Madonna, Princess Diana, and Tom Cruise.

Do you think Andrew is telling the truth about how Angie “seduced” Brad? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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