Robert Pattinson Steams Up Georgia (PHOTOS)

Is there anything hotter than Georgia in August? Why, yes there is—Georgia in August when Robert Pattinson's around!

The Twilight heartthrob made the Peach State that much steamier on Friday when he began filming further scenes for his upcoming movie Water for Elephants. And, despite what must have been sky-high temperatures, R-Pattz managed to look quite dapper in his period wardrobe.

Dive into the photo gallery to see Pattinson at work. And make sure to check out The Forks Report for updates on all things Twilight-related.



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  • Catherine Do
    Catherine Do

    wow he look so hot as always sigh oh rob u are so amazing

  • Lizzy

    wow he is hot. The movie is called Water for Elephants

  • Angel D'Marco
    Angel D'Marco

    What movie is this for? Thanks!

  • newyorkwoman

    Anna and Xhai, you know Edward isn't real right? He is a fictional character in the BOOK! That is Robert Pattinson. God I hate when fans all actors by their characters name. He isn't even good looking.

  • xhaiper16

    Oh My God Edward is darn handsome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jodyp

    It was filmed in Chicamauga, Georgia which is right below the state line. They just stayed in Chattanooga.

  • chris

    Rob looks so good in period costumes.

  • pixiespoison

    This wasn't in Georgia it was in Chattanooga Tennessee!

  • Fabi

    just Hot!!


    oiii parabens vc esta cada vez mais lindo. bjsssssssssssss e bom sucesso.

  • pjl

    Oops, Georgia

  • pjl

    If I know my geography and I think I do, Chattanooga is in Tennesse not Georgie. Anybody want a map.

  • erin


  • Brenda Jordan
    Brenda Jordan

    OMG I cannot believe I found out he was in GA just a few days to late that would have been a great weekend get away visit chickamauga and chattanoga would have been awesome

  • annabannana56

    Leave Edward alone!!!

  • annabannana56

    Leave Edward alone!!!

  • @simplyregina

    Got to "meet" him today. say hey at his hotel. wonderful experience

  • Amie

    love his outfit and hair so much but the shoots for WFE seems like forever They have been filming for more than two months. It's not that long.

  • mediocre

    what's the fuss? mediocre.

  • Rosie

    Who knew Georgia in present time could look like Upstate New York in the thirties. Not going to lie I can't wait until this comes out! I want to see the older Jacob parts probably more than the RPattz though because the ending of the books is just... So Good!!

  • Lux

    Me encanta!!

  • Chris


  • connie richardson
    connie richardson

    Awesome!!! No words can describe Rob! He is one of a kind! I think he is the greatest ever in every catogory. He is truly blessed in everything! Rob is the most amazing handsome and gorgeous British Englishman with the most beautiful accent, most beautiful smile, most gorgeous hair and most beautiful sexy eyes I have ever seen!!!!!! May he continue to be blessed!

  • serena

    He looks gorgeous as usual.

  • meghan

    My God... He looks really really sexii with this look.

  • nina

    Rob looks beyond amazing. I can' ...

  • hannah

    Super hot

  • alize

    Can't wait for the movie! And I must say Robert is looking gorgeous!

  • maiara

    love his outfit and hair so much but the shoots for WFE seems like forever

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively


  • simplydiffer

    he was in GA! That's cool.