Russell Brand Injured in Car Accident

Russell Brand has sustained bruises and cuts following a car accident in New York, the Daily Mirror (via the New York Post) reports.

The accident occurred just after the British funnyman left the set of his upcoming remake of Arthur, when a truck collided with his vehicle—a recently purchased Lamborghini Superleggera that set Brand back about $238,000.

According to witnesses, the collision left Brand trapped in the passenger side of the vehicle. Eventually the wild-maned comic managed to escape by climbing out of the driver’s window, but he was far from unscathed by the accident. Says a source,

“The whole incident was pretty terrifying. Russell was very shaken. He refused to go to A&E [the emergency room] despite severe bruising on his arm and cuts. He’s gutted, as he’d only just taken loan of the car.”

Brand’s new car was left with about $9,500 worth of damage.

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