Joseph Gordon-Levitt Bloodied Up in Car Crash (VIDEO)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt showed off a large, bloody gash on his arm after he smashed into a taxi while riding his bike in New York City.

The Inception star ran into a cab while filming a scene for Premium Rush, a flick that centers around a bike messenger in New York. Joseph writes on his personal blog that he “busted through the rear window” because he was “going too fast” on his bike.

Joseph also posted a video of the damage, grinning as he shows off a massive bloody gash to director Dave Koepp. The taxi, as JGL mentioned, didn’t get off easy either: Its entire back window was smashed in

While Joseph was able to laugh off the damage in the dreamiest way possible, we hope that he is really OK. He posted on his blog that he was going to the ER to get patched up. Feel better soon, Joseph!

Click here to watch the video. After you’ve gotten your crash fix, check out our Evolution of Joseph Gordon Levitt photo gallery.

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