Spencer Pratt Wants To Help Snooki’s Love Life

Spencer Pratt is graduating from The Hills to become reality television’s newest relationship therapist.

The recently divorced MTV villain is reportedly trying to reignite the flame between Jersey Shore’s Snooki and her former beau Emilio Masella (Jersey fans will remember him as the “gorilla” spray-tanning Snooks in the beginning of season two).

Emilio told RadarOnline that he asked Spencer to send him to Seaside Heights after he found out that Snooki had been arrested for disorderly conduct last Friday:

I heard she was in jail so I asked Spencer to help me get her out and he sent me here to the shore. I just wanted to tell Snooki how much I love her.

She was traveling so much before and I couldn’t get in touch with her and now I know exactly where she is so I came down here to tell her how I feel.

Snooki was arrested while filming the third season of Jersey Shore in New Jersey. She released shortly after she was arrested and not charged. (See the awesome photos and mugshot here)

Unfortunately, Emilio’s (and Spencer’s) efforts were all for naught: Snooki reportedly “doesn’t trust” Emilio and thinks that he is trying to “ruin the show.” However, Emilio insists that he is in Jersey “for Snooki and Snooki only.”

Emilio and Spencer became buds when Spencer hired Emilio for his new film, Tower 69: Beach Patrol (Featuring 3D Boobs).

Do you think Emilio’s efforts are genuine, or is he just capitalizing on Snooki’s woes? Get your comment on.

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