The Pretty Reckless' 'Heart' Demo Leaked

The Pretty Reckless' 'Heart' Demo Leaked-photo

Had enough of Taylor Momsen yet? Yeah, us neither.

As Momsen's band, The Pretty Reckless, prepares to release its debut album Light Me Up, a demo version of the group's song "Heart" has leaked its way onto the Internet. Though the song won't appear on Light Me Up, it does offer a glimpse at the more subdued side of the group, which has become known for such high-octane barn burners as "Make Me Wanna Die." 

Check out the track below, and let us know in the comments section: Do you think the song should have been included on the album?

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  • Anne

    I actually like the song, I'm not a girl who would listen this stuff but I enjoy it the only thing I don't get.. is why does she have to act like she is im-a-girl-who-likes-drugs-and-yeah-i-look-like-a-whore-with-this-"cloths"

  • CL

    lol Or you could just go to TPR Network for a dl.;) Love this song.

  • annabannana56

    Loved it. Go Taylor.

  • sarahsmith

    Look them up on youtube, and go to to convert the audio to mp3. The album technically isn't out, though. Free Exercise to Enlarge Your Penis

  • black

    this is absolutely awesome rock music