True or False: Justin Bieber an On-Set Diva?

Justin Bieber is rumored to be a handful to work with, if you believe the tabloids.

Life & Style (via oceanUP) reports that Baby Biebs has been throwing tantrums on the set of CSI, where he was filming scenes for an upcoming guest spot.

According to on-set sources:

Justin acted like a spoiled brat […] When everyone was getting lunch, he started screaming at his mother. I was so embarrassed for her, I had to walk away.

The magazine also reports that Justin allegedly stole clothes from the wardrobe department, refused to come out of trailer at one point, and also locked a crew member in a room.

So, are the rumors of Justin’s behavior true? The “Baby” singer’s manager, Scooter Braun, denies the claims, saying that the only thing that was true about the report was that “he locked the executive producer in the closet as a joke.” Bieber even joked on Twitter that he had pulled a prank (which he’s notorious for), touting “somebody got locked in the closet ;).”

This isn’t the first time that Justin has faced accusations like this: An Australian TV host reported that Justin cursed out a producer for touching his arm while directing the teen sensation around the set. Justin denied the claims as “lies.”

Considering that Justin has stated in previous interviews that his mother keeps him grounded and in check, the report sounds a little suspicious. Besides, look at that mug: How can anyone who looks so sweet act like a diva?

Do you think the rumors about Justin being a diva are true or false? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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