Justin Bieber’s Close Brush With Death

Has Justin Bieber gone mad on his own power and deluded himself into thinking he can raise the dead now?

Naw; the above pic is just Bieber clowning around with a fake corpse on the set of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, while filming an upcoming guest appearance. In his episode, Bieber plays Jason McCann, whose upbringing in an anti-government family makes his character difficult to decipher. As CSI executive producer Carol Mendelsohn explains,

“Is he a good kid stuck in a bad situation or is he a bad kid hiding behind the cutes? He’s caught in the middle.”

Mendelsohn adds that Bieber “did a really good job” in his acting debut. Well, of course; why wouldn’t he? After all, being caught in the middle is a situation that Bieber is well familiar with.

Bieber’s makes his debut during CSI’s season premiere, which airs Thursday, September 23. (The singer will also film a second episode of the show, which will air in February.) Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section.

And make sure to consult The Holy Bieble for guidance on all things Bieber-related.

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