JWoww’s Awesome Reality Show Application

Even before Jenni “JWoww” Farley won over the world on the hit MTV series Jersey Shore, she was something very special.

PopEater has obtained an application filled out by the 25-year-old guidette for an unnamed reality series that she auditioned for prior to hooking up with Snooki and the gang, revealing a complex character that might not be immediately evident beneath her bikini-clad, party-girl exterior.

Describing herself as “skater-sexy,” Farley says of her hobbies, “I run sh*t.” In response to a question about any celebrity crushes she might have, JWoww replies, “F*ck them all.” If she were an animal, JWoww opines, she’d be a “tiger” for “obvious reasons,” but don’t even get her started about what eats at her: In the section of the application marked “What are your pet peeves,” she says, somewhat cryptically, “Don’t be gross.”

But the best part? Among the notes that the producer scrawls on the application is the intriguing sentence, “Cut off BF’s fingers with a sword.” She got an “A+” for that!

Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew better watch themselves; this doesn’t sound like a woman who suffers fools gladly.

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