Jude Law & Bikini-Rocking Sienna Miller Vacation in Ibiza (PHOTOS)

On-again (and rumored to be engaged again) couple Jude Law and Sienna Miller are in the midst of a hot summer vacation on the party island of Ibiza, Spain.

New shots show a black bikini-sporting Sienna holding Jude's hand en route to an inflatable dinghy ride with another tourist couple. A gentlemanly Jude even helps his lady onto the shaky boat!

Are you happy about the Jude and Sienna reunion? Let us know in the comments after checking out the photo gallery. For more shots of stars frolicking in their bikinis, check out our Celeb Bikini Safari.



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  • Isabella Nucci
    Isabella Nucci

    Jude looks like he is stuffed, his stomach is not normal at all

  • Irresistable Girl
    Irresistable Girl

    Hey, have you seen Kelsey Grammer pretty young fresh-face british girl-friend that's up the duff, now I have to admit Kelsey Grammer is certainly doing well on pulling the young attractive women especially at the age of 55. Let me tell you something this young women who is apparently Kelsey latest flame and she is air-stewardess/hostess for virgin airlines, that's probably how she and Kelsey met that's what they say in the Daily Mail. Do you know what this Lady and Sienna have in common, they both in the same age group, they both causasian and they both have blond hair, they both going out with older men that have a successful careers in showbusiness despite the age difference between the two men. But the only thing that I notice Kelsey Grammer Lady and Sienna don't have in common, that if you look at both of them, you wouldn't able to tell that Sienna is in the same age group as this lady, because this Lady is about one year older that Sienna. But if you look at her young fresh-face look comparing to Sienna, most people would be shocked to see, that this Lady who is one year older than Sienna, can look reasonably good for her age comparing to Sienna who doesn't and who is year younger that this Lady. This Kelsey Lady could pass for some-one who is her own age-group and (3 years her junior which would make her age 26) which is a few years younger the most, than her and Sienna age. Oh my God, Sienna better watch out there is a serious competition going on in dating and relationships especially where older causcasian men dating younger caucasian women and she better keep a close eye on Jude that he doesn't stray because of this type of competition. You look what happen with Jude and his childrens nanny incident and he did said in one interview despite the incident he did apologize for hurting sienna regarding it, but he said he doesn't regret the affair. So that means never say never with Jude when it comes to being unfaithful.

  • jimbob

    my god that is the longest rant on a comment thread i've seen for some time... take a break! and if you do, why not got to ibiza and see if you can fins jude and sienna and then don't forget to have your own villa party, this years must do, and make sure you invite them!. I went to an after-club villa party this year and the music sounded great, the best sound I've heard outside of a club. Check out www.ibizapa.com ibiza loudspeaker hire Honest plug for a great service - they provide excellent deejays too...

  • annabannana56


  • Irresistable Girl
    Irresistable Girl

    why is there some codes that I can see is blocking some words on my comment.

  • Irresistable Girl
    Irresistable Girl

    Funny enough I was walking down my local shopping area this morning (on 5th August 2010) near Thornton Heath High Street, and on Brigstock Road which runs of the high street. There is a Superdrug Store (it’s a health, beauty and toiletries shop) and by the way they had picture of Sienna Miller promoting Hugo Boss perfume on the main shop window. Now I met my friend down at the same place where I saw the picture, we both realized we must of being reading each other’s mind. I and my friend is not trying to be horrible or disrespectful to Sienna, because we haven't got anything against her personally especially now that she's going out with Jude Law and we both think that they do make a nice couple because they both suit each other. But what I'm about to say it might offend her, even Jude or anybody reading this comment because I'm not going to sugarcoat what I'm about to say, because I always like to say trueful things even though it can be hurtful to people. Well the Bible does say that truth is an offense but it's not a sin, I and my friend s looked at Sienna picture real properly we both realized that Sienna has aged, she looks to old and too mature for her age. If I and my friend never knew her real age that she was in her late 20's we would of thought and believed that she’s in her early thirties. If Sienna looking older than 28 years old even though she is not far from age 30, what is she going to look like when she does reach her 30’s much less 40s. I just hope that Jude Law does stay faithful to Sienna even if he so happens to marry her one day, despite that she aging quite quickly for her age even though she is 9 or 10 years younger than Jude. Because the reason why I saying this, because a lot of white women will understand where I going in this conversation especially when they are my age-group in their mid thirties to their late 30’s, they know, that these typical white men like Jude who going out with a younger white women in their 20’s, if anytime these white girls or women starts to age regardless that the white men know they are aging like there white women, they don't want these white aging white women again because the white men don't feel comfortable having a aging wife whose looks is fading to have sex with and plus have as a trophy wife, that's why they will go out there and have an affair with the younger girls and trade there aging white women for these younger attractive or fresh face girls. Ronan Keating and Vernon Kay is a fine example despite that there still with their aging attractive wives because their wives love them enough to forgive them of their infidelity because they believe everybody deserves a second chance despite their wrongdoing but it goes to show you what these white men are capable off especially when their wives of the same color and race, good looks start to fade or has faded because of their age. Now come back to Jude even though he’s not looking any younger himself because everybody knows, even he knows that he's aging too that is the reason why he started buying all these anti wrinkle creams in America for over £1000 pounds as proof that he knows he's not looking as youthful as how he used to be and because he knows it‘s important to look good for your age as you getting older, because it’s important to his career. Because he knows the real reason why his still employed internationally in showbusiness is because of his looks more than is acting ability, and he knows he has to hold unto his good looks , youth and sex appeal as much as he can while he still has them. Because he knows by the time he reach his 40’s his good looks will have disappeared and he won’t have his good looks to trade on anymore to get by in his career, and he will start to realize that his show business career will start fading because in Hollywood America if you lose your good looks because you have aged you become unemployed especially in the film and acting industry. Jude must know what I’m saying here is true, because you don’t really have much of a career in acting if you lose your good looks, youth and sex appeal, because in show business especially in America the people in their society are superficial and if you don’t have the business what people are looking for out there, especially in the USA which they call whole package you won’t have long-lasting successful career in Hollywood. Jude must come across a number of actors that film show business careers are not going anywhere as they reach certain age because they lost their good looks because of age. That is thing in show business it brings all that financial insecurity especially when you’re not competitive, and you if don’t have the looks and the youth anymore that Hollywood is looking for, you become another faded celebrity that becomes unemployed (Actress Melanie Griffin Antonio Bandaras wife is a fine example). But despite all that, going back on Jude Law and Sienna Miller’s love life, I will like to know if Jude will feel comfortable for a very long time that he’s going out with a younger women like Sienna whose looks is fading because she’s aging quite quickly for her age, despite all that, will he stay faithful to her and won’t trade her in for younger fresher version of her or for someone that is the same age group as him but looks good and sexy as hell for their age because they have very good genes like Halle Berry and Meryl Streep? Because if he (Jude) starts to feel uncomfortable on having a younger girlfriend (Sienna) whose looks is fading despite that she’s years younger than him I hate to imagine what their marriage will be like if they become husband and wife. Jude knows he can only have Sienna has a trophy wife, because that’s all he can take Sienna has for now, is like a trophy wife to show off and become lovey dovey with her on holiday, vacation and at special occasions among his friends and family. Because her show business career is not going anywhere at the moment because it has been cut short just has how, it’s started and the only reason why she’s kept in the limelight is because of dating her ex-boyfriend Jude again, so really the only financial security Sienna really have is to raise her failing show business profile is the next step to be Jude new wife in marriage so even if their marriage don’t work out, she be loaded or pretty well off ex-wife by time she finish her divorce with Jude even if Jude becomes bankrupt out of it. So what can Jude do with Sienna now then, more than have her has a newlywed trophy wife and substitute mother to his five children. I must admit though Sienna does have a lovely figure and legs, her body would of being perfect and more desirable though if she had a curvy voluptuous figure and if she was well endowed down below like myself, Christina Hendricks and Nigella Lawson even if she had big sexy bottom or nice big boobs to carry off her nice figure and legs her body would of been perfect, her body would have been body to die or women to envy for. Because Sienna’s body does lack those desirable feminine sexy curves because she is very flat chested because she has no bust or boobs and her bottom is so flat, that no man that includes Jude don’t have no boobs and bottom to hold, grab or even squeeze unto when they touching her when they get intimate with her. But then again, maybe it will not be a good idea for someone like Sienna to have a curvy figure like myself, Christina and Nigella because they would be trouble in paradise between Sienna and Jude and Jude will always be jealous over Sienna and her curvy body and he will always be trouble with the law, because he will have to keep fighting men off Sienna, because of that irresistible curvy voluptuous figure that most men desire in a women. Which anyway wouldn’t look too good for his successful career, so that’s one thing Jude Law has to be grateful for that Sienna doesn’t have that killer buxom curves like myself, Christina and Nigela.