Justin Bieber vs. Shaq: The Epic Dance-Off! (VIDEO)

For months now, the public has wondered: who’s lighter on his feet, 16-year-old musical sensation Justin Bieber, or 7′ 1″, 235-pound NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal? And now, the magic of the Internet has delivered an answer. 

The “Baby” singer and the basketball giant—who has invited Bieber to compete against him on the next season of his television show Shaq Vs.—recently convened at the Fatcat Ballroom Studio in Phoenix, Arizona, to go toe-to-toe in an epic dance-off. Toes twinkled, hips shimmied and, in the end, only one man could lay claim to the throne.

So, who emerged victorious in this battle for dance floor supremacy? Check out the video below and render your verdict in the comments section.