Katy Perry to Seventeen: I'm Ugly Without Makeup!

Katy Perry to Seventeen: I'm Ugly Without Makeup!-photo

Fans are learning a lot about Katy Perry this week, thanks to her chats with various magazines: A Rolling Stone interview revealed Katy's parents speak in tongues and she told Q she's a little bit OCD. As cover girl of the September issue of Seventeen, Katy admits she feels ugly without makeup - but fiance Russell Brand boosts her self-confidence.

I think he taught me a lot about inner beauty.  I don’t really feel pretty ever, without makeup. I feel ugly. And so I would have to sleep with makeup on, or feel ugly and gross. He looks beyond all of that, which is such a win… He’s in love with the person inside of me, and the outside of me is just a bonus.

Katy also says she knew all about Russell's randy reputation when she met him at last year's MTV VMA's - but she discovered he is actually a "very spiritual person."

How did Russell win Katy over? Share your ideas in the comments.

Check out behind-the-scenes video from Katy's Seventeen shoot (including several fabulous outfit changes) here:

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  • JL

    Yup has anyone seen that picture of her without makeup? She is ugly.

  • Generic

    It's funny because it's so true. She is absolutely hideous without makeup.

  • claaaire

    russell is hot as and katy is fucking amazing everyone has their doubts about theirselves, but seriously shes fucking gorgeous. it is the comments guys say about inner beauty that makes us gurls fall inlove, but who doesnt love this adorable couple <3

  • Paper&pen

    Looks mean Sh*t. It's the inside that counts most. Yes, that's sort of cliche but it's true. I don't know, that's just my opinion. You can be the most prettiest person in the world, but if the inside doesn't match your looks might get you where you wanna go, but it won't keep you there. In the end what matters is who you are as a human, not a pretty face. I love Katy Perry. Shes awesome. A very talent women. I'm just expressing my opinion, thats all. Hope no one takes offense to any of this. Alot of people wanna look like celebrities but most of them don't even really look the way they do on the mgazine or television withought the make-up on. Most of them are just average looking Jo's like the rest of us. Remember, It's the inside that counts :)

  • jay

    cos she looks like a man. she's not blessed with natural looks so she resorts to fake lashes and heavy makeup. russell brand is actually in lust with her tits..its f*cken awesome.. all that guy ever cares about is fame, and he gets that w/ katy and more....

  • Just-Saying

    Without make up she may look like a normal person, but ugly??? ....never

  • itsmebehbeh


  • izzy

    who the f*ck sleeps WITH makeup on.. come on. i admit it is a little mingin to wear make up to sleep, especially if she mentions how she is such a perfectionist with other aspects of hygien(aargh can't spell it :L) if she likes to brush her teeth like 5 times a day why would she think it to be okay to wear make up to bed? thats how u get spots people.

  • me

    who the f*ck sleeps WITH makeup on.. come on.

  • Nejra Kravic
    Nejra Kravic

    Look people...Make-up and a little thing called ''Photoshop''' make celebrities look so damn beautiful...Without make-up and photoshop, they look just like us,normal people. Agree!! Finally somebody smart!

  • annabannana56

    Look people...Make-up and a little thing called ''Photoshop''' make celebrities look so damn beautiful...Without make-up and photoshop, they look just like us,normal people.

  • Charlie

    Katy Perry is super sexy and beautiful no matter how you look at her, Russell boosts her confidence to compensate for his own insecurities....he's a lucky mother f$#@er to have her. Wish she could see her beauty through my eyes.

  • helena

    Why Katy has so many insecurities? Of course she is beautiful without make up! And it's too cute that Russell boosts her confidence!

  • kate.simpson12@yahoo.com

    Russell is the sweetest person in the world! And he is right! Katy is gorgeous with or without make up!


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