Matthew Morrison Buzzing Head for Glee’s Britney Episode?

Glee’s Matthew Morrison has curly hair so luscious, his on-screen nemesis Sue Sylvester has suggested little elves nest inside it. But that won’t stop him from shaving his head for a Britney Spears-themed episode of the FOX hit coming this fall.

Jane Lynch, who plays Sylvester, told E! that Morrison may soon be a “baldy:”

Matthew hasn’t shaved his head yet…But it’s going to be gone…probably before the Emmys.

Before you break out in a farewell music number in honor of Morrison’s product-packed hair, consider that Mr. Shue may buzz his head – and Morrison will not. E! also says a Glee casting notice went out late last month for a Morrison body double who would be willing to shave his head on camera.

Should Matthew Morrison crop his famous locks? Weigh in on this hairy situation in the comments.