Naomi Campbell Testifies In Blood Diamond Trial (VIDEO)

Supermodel Naomi Campbell took the stand in the Netherlands to testify about some “blood diamonds” she allegedly received from Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, diamonds that she said looked like “pebbles” during her testimony.

After avoiding the UN war-crimes tribunal for months, Naomi was eventually subpoenaed and forced to testify about diamonds she may have received from the African ruler at a dinner party in South Africa in 1997.

While under oath, Naomi confirmed reports that she received what looked like “dirty pebbles” from some men who worked for the 62-year-old Charles. She claimed she didn’t know who had given them to her until the next morning, when she mentioned the events to actress Mia Farrow, who told her they “must have been from Charles.”

Naomi says that after she received the priceless “pebbles,” she gave them to a colleague of Nelson Mandela and told him to “do some good with them.” According to the 40-year-old beauty, that colleague still has the diamonds in his possession.

Charles is currently on trial at The Hague for allegedly funding the killing of thousands of civilians along the border of Liberia and Sierra Leone. Naomi was asked to testify because the UN believes that Charles funded the war with diamonds similar to the ones he gave to the model.

When asked as to why she avoided testifying on her own, Naomi claims she feared for the safety of her family. She also claimed she didn’t know what Liberia was before she met Charles in 1997.


Watch the video of Naomi testifying below.

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