Nick Jonas Beats Justin Bieber For Teen Hottie!

The people have spoken: Nick Jonas has been crowned the official Celebuzz Teen Heartthrob!

After a week of voting and intense debate with over 10,000 votes (a Celebuzz record!) and 600 comments, the youngest Jonas Brother has beat Justin Bieber with a 49% – 45% victory. It wasn’t a landslide win by any means, but a win is a win!

In the end, Nick fans rallied in favor of the 17-year-old musician. One fan put it clearly, stating:

“Justin is a cute kid .. good singer and can play some instruments but …. nick is a man and hot, great singer (proven in les mis), great songwriter ( no one can deny it), and plays about 5 instruments and he’s very deep.”

Congrats Nick (and Biebs, don’t sweat it … you’re still a champion in the hearts of millions) and thank you to all who participated!!!!

Do you agree with the results???? As always, sound off in the comment section! And, as a victory song, Nick’s ‘Who I Am’ seems apt. Who you are, Nick, is the king of our readers’ hearts.