Experts Say Post-Rehab Lindsay Should Scrap the Sexy

While Lindsay Lohan herself remains in court-ordered rehab, her image has been all over the web this week.

First there were the sultry promotional photos of the troubled starlet as porn star Linda Lovelace for the upcoming film Inferno. Then LiLo’s famous face surfaced as the skin-baring “digital muse” for Marc Ecko’s Cut & Sew line. And let’s not forget about the September Maxim cover story in which Lindsay appears in a bra, undies… and her SCRAM ankle bracelet.

Suggestive shots are nothing new for 24-year-old Lindsay – after all, she posed in the buff to channel Marilyn Monroe – but is the sexpot route really right for her post-jail, post-rehab career revamp?

Veteran entertainment publicist Rob Shuter, who has repped the likes of Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson and now provides star scoop in his column at, said he’d advise Lindsay to lay off the scantily-clad photo shoots and save herself for a Vanity Fair feature.

“I don’t think Lindsay needs to be on the cover of a another men’s magazine. That’s not going to help her career,” Shuter told Celebuzz. “This is a moment where a big interview with a credible publication that doesn’t pay her is going to help her career.”

Wait, pay her? You heard him right – Shuter said Lindsay collected a hefty check for those Maxim bikini shots.

“She needed the cash,” he said. “She should be doing fantastic movies, but she’s not getting the scripts. No one in Hollywood wants to take a chance on Lindsay Lohan right now.”

But director Matthew Wilder is doing just that, casting the actress as Deep Throat star Lovelace in the indie drama Inferno, which is set to begin filming after Lindsay’s 90-day rehab stint.

Tyler Shields, who shot the sexy promotional photos of Lindsay in character, called her a “huge art lover” who will re-emerge as an actress with serious chops.

“Lindsay will act — that’s what she does,” Shields told Celebuzz. “It’s just a matter of the right things coming along, and they will in time.”

One of those opportunities was the Ecko Cut & Sew campaign, in which photographer Indrani, who is also the star of the Bravo reality series Double Exposure, was tapped to shoot Lohan in film noir-style skits and photos.  She said despite Lindsay’s growing legal woes at the time of the spring shoot, it was clear she was “strikingly” talented.

“Lindsay likes to do things her way and is very strong, but she surprised us with her vulnerability,” Indrani told Celebuzz. “I’m captivated by Lindsay’s remarkable ability to improvise emotional riffs and to be stunning, powerful, flighty and vulnerable in rapid succession.”

Indrani declined to comment on why a body double was swapped in to replace Lohan in one of the ad campaign’s sexiest shots, but she did second Shuter’s advice that Lohan focus less on revealing her body – and more on her acting skills.

“I think she should do art films without nudity and violence,” Indrani said, suggesting roles that “showcase her talent.”

Still scandal-plagued, Lindsay could be waiting a while for those weighty roles, which is why Shuter suggests she take a Hollywood hiatus.

“She should get out of the spotlight – leave Los Angeles, travel, disappear,” Shuter told us. “Maybe if she can prove she can stay sober and clean, people may be willing to take a chance on her again.”

Because after all – who doesn’t love a glorious, triumphant, out-of-the-ashes comeback?

What do you think Lindsay Lohan’s next career move should be? Share your Lohan love – or lack thereof – in the comments.