Kanye West ‘Power’ Video Debuts (VIDEO)

Kanye West is back in video form, as the rapper unveiled the (very abbreviated) video for his single ‘Power’ on Thursday night, and in true Kanye fashion, it’s quite artistic and will surely get people talking.

In the Marco Brambilla-directed video, Kanye — bedecked with a junkyard-sized gold chain — stands motionless as the camera pans out to reveal angels, warriors, nearly-nude women and other eye-candy. It’s as if Kanye’s at the center of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel painting, with nothing but seriousness in his eyes. Check it out:

Brambilla told MTV News recently,

“There’s a lyric in the song — ‘No one man should have this much power’ — so the video kind of answers its own question,” Brambilla said. “It poses the question: ‘What does power and access look like?’ And then: ‘How delicate is it to preserve that moment of time?'”

The video clocks in at just over 1:40, stopping mid-song as an artistic effect. Kanye told MTV “the minute, minute and a half just … seemed like the perfect amount of time to show a video portrait … It didn’t answer all the questions. It just becomes more provocative and a little bit more tense at the end, because it cuts away just before the action within it resolves itself, so it kind of leaves you with the feeling that something’s about to happen.”

‘Power’ is the first music video off of West’s impending album (which K just said will not be titled Good Ass Job anymore), his first foray back into the music world since he did some massive reputation damage by hijacking Taylor Swift’s MTV VMA speech last year. Let us know what you think of the new Kanye video, and just because, here’s his VMA outburst:

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