Selena Gomez Can’t Get a Date

Selena Gomez once called Celebuzz’s own Teen Heartthrob winner Nick Jonas her boyfriend — but the sweetheart singer/actress now says she’s in the midst of a romantic drought.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been on a date in over six months…The truth is I haven’t met anyone, but I’m young. I don’t need to have a boyfriend right now.

In an interview with The Betty, Selena, 18, tells teens that boyfriends are actually kind of overrated.

Be prepared for the drama… Any crush or relationship is always a big ordeal. To get that one boy to like you and then he doesn’t feels like the end of the world. I figure that you will have about 1,000 dates until you get to your perfect guy. What happens in-between will be filled with challenge and tears.

Selena, who began wearing a purity ring at age 12, may not be dating much – but for a $100,000 price tag, you could hire her to party with you.

Who do you think Selena should date? Hook her up with a few ideas.

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