Snoop Dogg’s Dying To Work With Britney (VIDEO)

Add Britney Spears to the list of ladies hooking up with Snoop Dogg — at least in song.

Snoop can already be heard rapping with Katy Perry on (the lawsuit-inspiring) “California Gurls” and rhyming with Robyn on what she calls a “very gangster” new track, but now he’s gunning for a collaboration with Britney on her new album.

The smooth-talking rapper wants to work with Brit so badly, he’s reaching out to her in a new YouTube video, saying, “Somebody sent me a song and said you wanted me on your album. I don’t know if it’s true but if it is, hit me up real quick.”

Snoop’s digital campaign just might work, as Britney’s manager, Adam Leber, tweeted that he’ll show her Snoop’s video the next time he sees her.

Will Britney Spears + Snoop Dogg = a hit? Let us know what you think in the comments.