'Twilight's' Ashley Greene: Fitness Machine (PHOTOS)

Gymhound Ashley Greene is getting buff like the Twilight wolf pack -- thanks to sweat sessions with trainer-to-the-stars Tracy Anderson.

New shots show Ashley - who plays Twilight's psychic Alice - heading to Anderson's posh L.A. studio. Ashley's workouts will come in handy this fall, when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Parts I and II begin filming in Baton Rouge, La. and Vancouver, Canada.

Click here for photos of Ashley's pre-workout style. For more photos of Ashley and co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Twi-hards can check out The Forks Report.



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  • Aaliyah-jade@live.co.uk

    do u know wt stop slagging them off they hv to do alot ov wok ash is amazing and so is kellan and the rest ov the cast they do do work and shure are a hell of a lot better than u will ever be so their im the biggest fan ever even thow i dont know them i will stand up for then and if u are a true fan then u should nt be slagging them off gt it

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  • mystcipink

    Am I the only person who thinks she's useless? Kinda fame hungry to me. I don't care about her outings or how many times she goes to the gym, her and Kellan Lutz are the same. Useless fame hoes. How's about doing something called work?

  • lully

    she has great body...