Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr's PDA Frenzy at Lollapalooza

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr's PDA Frenzy at Lollapalooza-photo

Looks like those rumors about Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr getting back together might just be true. E! Online reports that the Gossip Girl co-stars and one-time real-life couple, who broke up back in April, attended the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago together over the weekend, and were "definitely acting like a couple."

According to an eyewitness,

"They were taking shots. They're definitely a couple. They were kissing and holding hands."

Of course, who wouldn't have gotten a little randy, after being inspired by Lady Gaga's erotically charged performance at the festival?

What's more, the pair "checked in together" at the Hard Rock Hotel, where they shared a VIP suite, on Friday.

Westwick and Szohr split up earlier this year, amid some pretty ugly accusations of cheating on Jessica's part. (According to reports, Szohr was playing the field with several other guys while Westwick was overseas filming Chalet Girl.) But last week the two were spotted enjoying an intimate dinner date at a New York sushi restaurant. And now, this.

Do you think Westwick and Szohr are really back together? And more importantly, should they be, given Szohr's alleged history of infidelity? Share your thoughts, hopes and concerns in the comments section.



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  • Mandy


  • Ash

    perez hilton was right on the not breaking up all along. ed looks stupid being with her after everything. when she cheats again he'll deserve it & when the tabloids attack them they'll deserve it.

  • lola

    Ed is such a dumb idiot. She's using him! Ugh.

  • fiffi

    Just lost all respect for Ed. Oh well, when she cheats again maybe ...

  • annabannana56

    Dump that whore.

  • JJ

    No respect for either of them.

  • rachel

    these whores are more in the news than lindsay lohan